Monday, November 14, 2005


A bit of 'The Mess'

Yes this is about 10% [or less] of 'The Mess' that has had me in tears and makes me cringe like no tomorrow. And this is a segment of the 50% that is left for 'tidy-up' .. it is unimaginable what the place was like prior to any clean-up.

I send my prayers to all those women who for one reason or another have a messy environ.

Don't get down or upset my friends, from seeing this sight day-in day-out -

Remember that you are constantly being reminded of your dependence upon a Greater Force.

Peace & Prayers
Assalamu Alaykum Sis Bint :D

I shan't be calling you DOA anymore ;)

You're very funny mashAllah :D

You have loads of books...What part of your room is this?

Don't worry...My room is messy too...I clean the rest of the house so I think I am entitled to leave mine messy :P Plus it's my workshop/sleeping/ironing/snacking quarters so it's impossible to keep clean unless I do nothing...Although it is a bit disheartening to accidentally hoover up beads...
Just me again...

Regarding your ginger thread on dp...I kinda browsed it quickly and everything seemed to relate to consuming ginger...If you need to take it to relieve pains the best way is topically....I imagine you could peel and slice ginger into a carrier oil, allow it to settle and then use that to massage....

Alternatively (and I'll be shocked if epoppie hasn't mentioned these guys to you) you could get some stuff from lush *HURRAH*

They have a bath ballistic called hot java which contains ginger powder to help sooth your aches

They also have a massage bar for aches whcih contains cinnamon

(I hope the html tags work!!)
Walaikumslam Zara :o)

What part of the room? Hmm.. My second shelf on the desk (?) would match a perfect descriptor.

I know what you mean though - this is Tranquilart HQ and so many things happen from this tiny space, makes one wonder about the whle nature of 'space'. You have a perfectly valid excuse - cleaning the house does entitle one to a messy room! However - I always feel the opposite - If one can clean the entire house for others' pleasure - why not the same be done with ones' own space.

Thanks for the Lush stuff there.. another part-time job as marketing advisor? lol

And a big spanking to E-poppie as she didn't mention it - mind you, I'm sure bhaji-jaan was awaiting you to do the deed :-D

OK - as for me.. I think the books will get the duster today from me! I actually don't have that many books.. have never counted em so.. I thought I'd take down all the books and put them onto one side so I can see the non-book items which exist on the shelves..

Enjoy your day
Wasalam, Peace & Prayers
How dare I forget Lush!
*Thappar for me*
I think it's cos I'm not really into Ginger much...but yes, Lush, have a fantastic range of Ginger products :D

Sis BeA...your room is like mine, yet your books equate to my sister's socks *glares at lil sis*

Hope you're feeling better sis

Lots of love and salaam




I'm good :) Managed to get the books sorted so that's a big big gold star to me :-P

I decided to take down my books and pop them into two piles: Religious/Spiritual readings and Non-R/S readings. Then I arranged the books according to size and successfully by the end of the eve managed to pop them onto the two shelves above my desk :) One shelf for each.

It sounds daft me illustrating my 'method' here. But for me it was a very major task and it really helped to seperate them into piles. Prior to this I had books here, there and everywhere scattered throughout my room in little piles. This way I know that there is a specific location for each book and InshaAllah with a lot of help from God Almighty I will try to continue to maintain this!

In fact what I thought was that I will start to allocate eg the first Sunday of every month to dusting the shelves. Hopefully. :)

I still have a few books, together with more Sacred text and the Qur'an which is on the top level of my bookself.. They will stay there. I need to get a little box to pop all the dua books etc and may put the Sacred CDs that I have on that shelf. Thing is my shelfs are actually quite wide (over 35-40cm) which means there is lots of space left over at the front once the little books are placed! It is always a fear that the little space will become used up with little things which I'm sure enough I will find from somewhere!

I know it's silly me going on and on.

But seriously, God Almighty knows best how much of a struggle this whole cleaning-up melarchy is. No doubt there are many in our midst who say that "Cleanliness and Purification is half of Faith" as the Prophet of God Almighty said. But a lot of us sadly, forget that the same Man of Mercy also taught us to do whatever is in our means to 'lighten the load' of our fellow ones.

Lightening the load doesn't have to be physically helping someone take down boxes of junk - a mere word of encouragement, note of kindness and gesture of understanding goes a long long way.

I visited a very close friend of mine whose a little younger than me and has some children. Her house was 'messy' as an outsider would put it. But to me: I understood her scenario and was perfectly happy that, for me she didn't make a special effort to clean it so I would not think any lower of her.

This concept does unfortunately exist in our communities.

We have to be of those who give advise in a manner which is positive, reflective and non-judgemental. We need to understand that it is peoples' situations whih force them to sometimes live is a 'mess' and if it were up to each one of us we would opt for a Palace or Museum-like environ [in terms of tidyness].

I don't know perhaps I'm just a bit too over-zealous about giving people excuses to be lazy.

My next mission - perhaps next week is to start going through the paperwork from work etc - that will be tough. I shall need to dedicate a whole day or more to sit and sift through it all. God Almighty help me please.

Love, Prayers

Long, but interesting, alhamdulillah :) little sister probably has more socks than you...and needs lessons in 'placing them in her drawers' :P

Sunday 4th December: I will remind you to dust the shelves :D Muhahahaha!

I know that it's only Tuesday...but how is the work paperwork tidy-up going?

Sometimes its hard when we see a whole load of tasks to be done...just take one at a time and inshaAllah they will be done :) It's taken me 5 weeks to finally get to hemming up my trousers...I guess I secretly hoped the dry cleaners would do it...but they didn't...GRR :P

Anyhow...time for my bister!

Sleep well sis and take care

Love and salaam

Err I meant to say:

My little sister probably has more socks than you have books*

Having said that, she probably does have more socks than the ordinary person too :P

She must have rather abnormally cold feet!!!
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