Thursday, October 06, 2005


Welcome My Friend!



How I missed you!

Though I and You have a different relationship to others - it is nonetheless very special,

Just, this time that you came, your companions' not as well to welcome you with a greater brace.

So do forgive, if during your stay, I don't serve you as well as I should.

I hear You contain within You - a Breeze.

A Breeze which gives life to those who have died?

Which lifts spirits sunken deep?

Which cleanses bodys' diseased?

Which revives the heart in need of Breath?

Will you bless me, oh dearest of Guests, with this Treasure you secure within?

So once again, I and You can bond in Peace.


Ramadhan Greetings!
Assalaamu alaykum Sis
That's beautifully written sis, mashaAllah!:)
InshaAllah will send out the links you mentioned on my email list.
Hope that are doing as much as you are able to this month
Wa salaam
WalaikumAsalam Sugarplum :o)


As one dude said one morning, as he cycled past me in city: "Praise the Lord!"

Thank you for your help my dear.. there is also another link I have.. I'll be popping it on the post above, regards an artist whose fundraising and selling her paintings.

I too hope I can get the best from this month :( I live in the hope that I will :)

Thank you so much for popping by dear.

Wasalam, love
Oh you expressed that beautifully, Taslim. Mashallah - thank you for that :))) Ramadan this year is amazing! Hope you are well inshallah.

Love you!
That was beautiful.

You have an amazing blog – I want to read the whole thing but I don’t have the time… I feel so nosy reading some of the stuff though. It’s like I’ve accidentally come across someone’s diary. Hee…

I’ve been reading some of your old posts – if you don’t mind, could you point me to a date where I can read about how you became ill please?


Ameen! May you (all) enjoy the 'Breeze' blow gently on your worlds!

So lovely of you to have dropped by oh dearest from across the pond ;o)
Love you too xx


Alhamdulila thank you very much my dear!

Hey, as I mentioned elsewhere - I'm only sharing with folk what's OK to share! If I didn't want you to know - I would not pop it out right?

Nah - you'd have to coem to my room to see my diary entries :o) Doubt if you'd undrstand much of it though as its a set of random thoughts with no particular structure or explanation!

Just for you sugar-plum I am Re-loading the post. I'll pop a direct link to it at the start. Teek?

And finally, my sincerest of apologies for not returning to complete my entry on your comments' section :-/ I will InshaAllah! See, my right hand started playing up again over the weekend - which has slowed me down a little in comparision to last week and before!

Keep well

Wasalam xx
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