Monday, October 03, 2005


Seven Things :- /

Apparently, I was 'tagged' to do this do-da thingy about seven things :-/ By our very own girlfriend across the pond Izzy Mo - You know I don’t do this kind of stuff –

Not because I hate spoiling the fun and sulking like a pre-teen! No, simply because people start making a lot of assumptions about an individual and almost begin to construct a personality of someone based upon what they read.

God knows best how many personalities folk out there have already created in their minds - multiple Bints!

But for you Izzy here I go!

Seven Things I Plan to do Before I Die

1. Know more of the Qur’an by memory & be able to recite it properly - like a nightingale would be nice..

2. Make up all my missed Prayers - I have a chart and am ticking off whatever I can! I also want to make up my Fasts if God allows - As some folk know, I don't fast and would love to join the Ummah one day when my health allows.

3. Establish Tranquilart as a business and see all the non-profit campaigns to their ultimate completion. I want to re-launch Phase 2 Tranquilart with a lot more emphasis on the Philosophy behind it and do crazy, innovative things like: The Sling Challenge and Writing Letters!

4. Visit the House of God again: either Umrah or second Hajj, not fussed! Just Invite me again please God!

5. Write a novel :-)

6. Learn the Fiqh of Departure - and know how to wash the dead etc. I feel this is so important, really really really need to do this as soon as I recover and am up for it.

7. Re-discover Peace and the answers to some of my questions about life.

Seven Things I Can Do

1. Talk to anyone - yep anyone! And network with people. If you need any help let me know; if I can't help you - I'll know someone who can!

2. Sleep anywhere: the floor, bus, train, plane – anywhere!

3. Paint, stitch, sew & liberate my creative bunny!

4. Accept my limitations – that I am actually NOT in control of the world! Although I often forget those limitations :-/

5. Cook chicken in a wok! er.. OK well I used to be able to..

6. Wear my heart on my sleeve

7. Run, jump, skip and hop with little people!

Seven Things I Can Not Do

1. Accept Praise from people.

2. Lie – can’t do it to save my life!

3. Read between the lines – so frustrating!

4. Sleep at night knowing someone is cross with me.

5. Use knitting needles for their actual purpose - I always wanted to knit a teddy :o(

6. Cook like mum

7. Hide emotion

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. Asalamalaikum

2. Really?

3. Oh God Please show me the way forward.

4. I'm well.

5. Thank you.

6. What's the matter?

7. Don't worry.

Seven Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

1 – 7. Oh purleaze! I’m a feminist! I’ve got no time for that!

Salaam alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak! Thank you Sister! I love your answers. Now, the fact that you didn't mention your 7 thingies you find attractive in a man...okay, well, I will let you off the hook...for now. :-)

May you have a blessed Ramadan.

Hey, I want to learn how to cook chicken in a wok. It sounds delicious.
Walaikumaslam Sugarpie!

ooh so I get a spanking all the way from across the pond eh? You'll need more than a fishing rod to catch me girlfriend!

Well to be honest deary I found the question rather :-/ er..

I think it would have been better-phrased as: What 7 things would you like in a spouse? No? I mean 'a man' can be any man :-/

And as I said - plenty of people have plenty of Bint-personalities already made-up! Mind you I will start one of these Crazy Do-Dah thingies and tag you lot across there - so watch out <_>

Anyhow - here you go - he would have to have a clean heart: therefore submit to an open-heart surgery :-D for verification purposes.. and also Love God Almighty more than I love God. Oh also - someone who can just "let me be" no control freaks please! That just about sums me up!

Regards Chicken - anytime love. Pray I recover quick, make loads of dosh, and then we can have that artshow in the UK and we'll cook chicken together!

Love and Salam & a packet of dates from England
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