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Sadit, Leila & Jasmir..

We are the camels from Niger.

And we have some things to say..

For a start we want to ask why it has taken you so long to help our masters and their families here in this part of God Almightys' vast creation?

And after that, we want to describe some realities which often go amiss as people like to think that Niger doesn't exist on the world map. Actually, pardon us, most of you would like to think that Mali and Sudan are also not part of the planet. The fact that you allowed 'Rwanda' to take place makes us somewhat suspicious, but we are told not to bring that issue up here.

My name is Sadit. I want to speak about my Master. He has looked after me and my family since I recall.

My Master looked after me as his own children and extended family. However, today my Master has no food.

If he doesn't get food quickly, his children will die, some are very young. My Masters' parents are weak and frail; they loved my parents and taught the villagers what a sign us camels are: as taught in the Book of God Almighty.

What has my Masters' family done to deserve ignorance?

I will never be saddled for a Caravan again if nobody survives in this village. God Almighty created me with humps for a purpose. He gave me the ability to go without food and water for days, for a purpose.

My name is Leila and I want to tell you about my friends.

By the Grace of God Almighty I was blessed with many friends, not only camels but other animals too.

We grazed together and set out together on great caravans to neighbouring places. When my daughter Hiba was born, the whole herd celebrated and initiated her into the wonderful world we see around us.

However, it is a different story now.

With no pasture and fodder, many of my friends have departed from this world. A lot of them lie in the fields rotting and it is totally undignifed a sight to see.
Many others are alive but very very sick.

We heard rumours that food had arrived but to no avail - the local markets are selling it at prices unaffordable to our Masters. I fear my daughter may die soon. She is the only one I have.

My name is Jasmir and I'm one of the remaining elders here.

I retired from long-haul caravan journeys some years ago. When there is a village blooming with children, one hates to leave out for the desert.

So yes, as you gather I am the one that the children loved to ride. Sometimes they would be funny and tickle my humps and try to figure out why I looked so 'humpy' in comparision to the cattle. And other times they would watch me chew and copy the way I moved my jaw!
Having been around for some time, I was well-known by all village elders and it was their grandchildren that used to play with me.

I say 'used to' because now they don't.

Babies and children were the first ones to feel the impact of the famine. Thousands more are at risk. Malnutrition is really taking its toll, those who once cued to have a ride on me are no longer interested as they have no energy. It's so very sad. I have never seen this many humans die, all in such a short span of time.

The three of us feel absolutely shocked that you human beings are not reaching out to your fellow brethren.

We hate to see you Children of Adam looking so undignified as we see naked children and respected Masters with little to cover by.

We don't like seeing our Master's families go hungry.

What will make you realise that we are all the Creation of the Same One God?

Our purpose on the earth is one.
Though we fulfill our covenant with God Almighty in many different ways.

Please Please O Children of Adam reach out and become the Noble creation that you are referred to.

Those camels are hilarious!

But to be honest, I didn't even know a place called Niger even existed until I saw it in the news last month :(

How can I be a believer unless I care about mankind?

Thank you so much for the reminder sis!
BBC News 24 reported on a family from Niger a couple of months ago.

The report showed a child starving to death in his mother’s arms. Her husband was a little distance away crying as he watched his wife and child dying in front of him while he could do nothing.

The reporter asked him how he felt. The man’s response was incredible – in the harshest of situations, he showed the true signs of a believer and said:

“I just hope Allah will forgive me for my tears”.
Very nice presentation!!! May Allah change the condition of innocents in Niger.

Hilarious?! Hey watch it madam - how do you know they don't look at us and think the same :-D !!!

Yep, and sadly I didn't know about the existence of Niger till not long ago. And you are right, as we recall the saying:

"None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself."

My dear, we shouldn't 'kick' ourselves though - don't forget the Golden Rule:

"Reminder benefits the believer!"


Salam & Thanks for popping by.

I hope you don't mind [or just pretend I'm thinking aloud] but when I first read your name I remembered a tutor I had on my Teacher Training course a couple of years back. Bab - she was a wonderful teacher! God Bless her!

Anyhow, thanks for sharing.

We have to remember 'tears' themselves are not a demonstration of lack of faith. In fact we are perhaps all very familiar of the numerous narrations of the Prophet Alaislam and His Companions weeping until "their beards became wet."

Secondly, many Teachers say that tears come from Heavan and are 'Rahma' ie Mercy. So God ALmighty knows best.

I think my point in this entry could best be illustrated by the example of the 'sick' -

People are recommended to visit their sick right? As Hadith point to the sick persons' prayers being very special, and the presence of angels with the sick.

Now: our job is to visit those sick people. And not see how THEY are dealing with their state ie their status of spiritual strenght - that is between them and God Almighty.

Similarly with reference to Niger - Our job is to give; from our time, wealth, effort and skill to all those needy wherever they are. Be they black, white, in the North or in the South!

How the individuals' deal with their state - well, we are not accounted for that.

And I hope that makes sense?!


Salam & Thanks for popping-by!

Hey are you a manufacturer of Male Dress??

Ameen to that Prayer.

I am not. I am just a consumer of that male dress!!

Sounds like...Our men are not bread winners, they are bread eaters only!! Our bread is from Allah!

Befitting reply from sahaba(iyah)
ladies when they were asked about who will feed them when their men go in the path of Allah along with Muhammad (SAW)!!

Thank you for that Hadith too.
that made me cry. i never know what to do when i hear of my muslim brothers and sisters in distress except make dua for them, and if able, give donations.. but what else can i do?

taslim ur the bestest. i love the way u wrote this piece.. mashallah. here's an interesting quote for u: "I once heard a young man screaming at God for letting young children starve until he realized the starving children were God screaming at him for letting it happen."

that puts everything into perspective. but any suggestions for a step forward?

Dua is the forgotten tool. If only man were to realise the value of this magic wand we are given.

Reading the Quran, including in your mother tongue is also important.. so that one is aquainted with the themes etc within this Mighty Book.

Also, it is important to keep positive.. it is all too easy to lose hope and despair about the world, however we are taught to be the ones who work actively towards changing the conditions we find ourselves in. We must continue donating, praying and bringing to the foreground the positive - thinking this Message teaches us.

Thanks for that quote my dearest :')

I am not the bestest. No. Very very far from it my dear.

Wasalam x
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