Monday, October 31, 2005


Bint Says Thank You

“He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah"

A saying of the Noble Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

It is from this principle that all our thanks our issued, for in essence, to thank another being is thanking God Almighty for having blessed the help of that human come our way.

In these months a lot of people have helped me in a lot of ways.

I cannot even begin to count the number of times that people have raised their hands in blessed gatherings to pray for me. I sit in silence at times thinking how I will ever repay those who have recited so many many many prayers for me.. and continue to do so.

I think:

Soon I will be out of this ‘state’ and into the next phase of my life. How in the world will I ever comprehend the favours of so many people: most being strangers?

What if I am never in contact with these people ever again in this life? Will I ever allow myself to forget these people? And what they did for me?

What follows is an attempt at recalling some of those beings. It includes people from different lands and faiths, and even no faiths. I do this in the hope that it serves as a reminder to me when I do finally recover my health. My regrets that I cannot mention everyone and I hope they will forgive me for this.

This is no doubt going to be very lengthy and has taken me many weeks to compile, but I assure myself that those mentioned here are only a tip of the iceberg – God Almighty sent plenty of people to help me this time.. but I know not everyone likes to read books, so this is the best I could economise.

I remain forever indebted to those who remembered me whilst travelling: including the ones who left for Egypt; South Africa; Tunisia; Turkey; Dubai; Pakistan; Spain; Malta; Norway and Sweden.

And how could I forget the ones who travelled to the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina and remembered me in the Sanctuary?

I want to thank the one who made me breakfast and saw me as his 3 year old little girl again, and the one who massaged my arms as she did when she was bathing me as a new-born.

How can I forget the one who fed me in public, not once but twice? Or the one who cut my food as I sat with her at a restaurant? Or the ones who collected my food from the buffet before they filled their own plates?

How can I forget the one who called me before 9am one morning upon seeing my website down and asked me if I was OK. Telling me to get out of bed and how I had inspired him throughout these years that he had been my manager? Thinking that we share not the same faith, why did he tell me about the Mercy of God?

How can I forget her, who brought me back the ‘Hand of Fatima’ to wear on my self from her trip to North Africa; as she was so worried about me and wanted me to be safe? Or the ones who sent me Prayer Books to read to keep myself protected?

How can I forget the one who was adamant in speaking to me though I kept cutting the telephone as I didn’t want to talk to anyone? Or the ones who texted me continuously despite me barring my phone so I could hide for a week? The efforts they all made to reach me when I found it unthinkable to hold anyone’s grasp.

How can I forget the ones who made me laugh? And there were so many people who brought so many tears to my eyes and pain to my stomach as they told me their jokes. There were those who mocked my camels in cyber-world and others who phoned me and had me in stitches about random bits they had come across. And others still who went whirling away to bring back joy without even knowing that their remarks or actions were actually aiding my recovery? They never will realise how difficult it is to put a smile on someone’s face – and that they are capable of it.

How can I forget the one who told me that although things are strange at the moment, everything would ‘reveal’ itself soon? Or the one who told me that eventually this will come to an end?

Or the ones who sang to me? Not only the therapeutic Burdah, but also songs to cheer me up including the “Blue Sky is Blue”.

How can I forget the ones who text me late at night as I felt the total absence of any being from my being? She who reassured me of the Presence of God though her own circumstances are much worse than mine.

Or the sweet couple who said I could call them anytime between 6am to 1am as they only needed 5 hours to sleep. Considering I had never met these two wonderful people who live in my city, how do I ever re-pay them for giving me their time to ask my many random questions?

How do I repay the one who used his work time to telephone Help & Support organisations for me as I was so distressed I couldn’t even dial a number? Or the ones who scribbled down on a piece of paper what herbal remedies I should be taking, as they sat in the row of seats behind me whilst we watched ‘Rumi And The Wings of Love’ in July.

How can I forget the one who told me that although there are worse trials people are undergoing in the world, that I shouldn’t feel bad as this is what my being can cope with at this time? And to know her child heard me speaking to his mother throughout his stay in the womb, and her constant reminders that all will get better.

How do I repay the one who answered my question without knowing; as I asked God Almighty one cold March night: “where are my angels?” This Teacher reminded me, as we sat in his gathering: “the angels are here.” Will he ever know what impact those words had on my being? To receive comfort in those “early days”.

And what about the Teacher who called me whilst I cried and told me that tears are from Heaven: and to cry as much as my heart allows for this is Mercy descending. Replying that “a new world will be created for you” as I told him how I see the presence of a dark grey cloud hanging above my world.

How can I forget the one whose second child died from a genetic disorder and weeks later she held my hands and prayed on top of them for healing? Or the Teacher who is a descendant of the Prophet of God who made me hold his prayer beads and read a prayer. Who told me, when I gave him a little plant that it was the best gift he had ever received.

Or the one who took my faulty laptop to fix and returned it resurrected before the weekend was over all for free?

How can I ever forget those who scribed for me, and then typed whatever it was that I needed? Will they ever realise how much they empowered me by being there to do the simplest of things I could no longer do?

Or the one who washed my hair as it was too difficult for me to use both hands to reach my head? How she would make me laugh by pouring the water over me and occasionally making me taste the shampoo. Then mum would come upstairs to see what the fuss was all about followed by Curly who would assist in the hair-wash too.

How can I forget the teenager who emailed me and told me how myself and other artists had inspired him and his search for the Truth? And how he dedicated his final-year art project to me and another artist. Does he realise how happy and worthy that made me feel?

And the one who emailed to tell me my website had been hacked?

Or the one who took me to the hospital twice - blonde hair and blue eyes.

Or the one who scribbled ‘Get Well Soon’ on an invoice as I ordered something from his website. And how he scanned a chapter of the Burdah for me and emailed it to me. Does he realise how much it means to me that he took his time for me? Amazing as another person brought a copy of it for me later on.

How can I forget the one who helped me to a seat when I entered late to watch ‘The Alchemist of Happiness’ and stood in shock since I am scared of darkness? Unable to keep my balance in the dark, wearing my sling and feeling like a 7 month baby who has been forced to stand alone.

Or the ones who held the doors open for me in so many places at so many times? Will they ever know how pleased I felt at that moment because I knew there was no way I could physically open that door?

How can I forget the one who told me that our limbs are like angels? Will he ever know that after he said that to me I conversed with my limbs and kissed them, and wept for how I had (mis)treated them all this while?

Will those people who visited me and sent me gifts ever realise what that meant to me?

The one who sent two chocolate bars leaving me laughing alongside mum.

The one who brought me a camel from Istanbul.

The one who sent me packets of balloons.

The one who brought Lilly into my life.

The one who sent me ‘Gifts For The Seeker’.

The one who did some embroidery for Tranquilart.

The ones who brought me perfume.

The one who had Shaykh Hamza Yusuf to sign a book for me.

The one who had Shems Friedlander sign a book for me.

The one who brought me a cushion to rest my arm whilst I attended a 2 week course as she knew I couldn’t carry one.

The ones who carried my shopping.

The ones who brought me a huge bouquet of flowers as I had arranged the ‘Manchester Caravan’.

The ones who emailed me and encouraged me to partake from the world.

There are so so many people, and many whom I haven’t even mentioned here who have helped me in so many ways & I hope they forgive my shortcomings.

I only wish to God Almighty that I was able to express my gratitude to them in a better fashion. I regret I am unable to give anything to these people in return, a mere acknowledgement from the depths of my heart, soul and mind is all I can offer.

All I could say is Thank You and May the choicest of God Almightys’ blessings be with you and your loved ones. And may I never forget your favours. Ameen.

With Love, Peace & Prayers for all
Bint-eh Adam
September, 2005.

*The artwork was sent to me recently by Kelly Crosby [IzzyMo] - Thank you xx

Salaam alaikum Sister and Camel lover! Really, you can get a girl on this camel kick. I am so happy you got the gift and I hope you liked it.

Alhamdulillah, what a beautiful post.

mashallah Taslim.. that was so beautiful. it is such a nice feeling when someone is concerned for you, and you have been blessed mashallah with many many people who love you!! may Allah keep them all under His protection.

THANK YOU TASLIM!!! you deserve a big thank you.. so many times you were the one to make us smile, and cheer our moods up..even those who still havent met you already love you! i pray that Allah gives you shifa :)

-- ur always in my prayers and thoughts, love me
SubhanAllah Sis
I barely know you, but you're amazing mashaAllah
I pray that Allah swt grants you health, ameen, ameen, thumm ameen.
Wa salaam
Salaam alaykum!

Thank you Bhaji,

Your the best sister in the world

Salam! Izzy! Of course I loved it! Though I still need to pop it up somewhere.. once my desk is sorted - it will sit here in full view with your pretty card. Many thanks my dear.

Wasalam, duas and a paintbrush
Assalamu Alaikum sister,

Finally thank you for posting this beutiful blog, that benefits us!!

Walaikumsalam Sidi Yursil

Thank you for popping-by! Camel-Land loves visitors!
Hope all is well your end. My duas to Mrs Yursil :)

Alhamdulila my dear :')

What made this entry so beautiful is all you beautiful people with your even more beautiful actions and sentiments. Everyone really has made an unprecedented impact on my being. They say the greatest of the feelings are those which cannot be explained in words - there is so much I have received from people which cannot be put into words.

I hope we could all meet one day :)

With Love and a pack of ginger crystals ;)

Alhamdulila. Praise the Lord :)

Thanks for the hugs :)

May I become worthy of the description you mention in your post. Ameen.
Wasalam, love and duas sugarplum


Thank you for popping by! O my! So many visitors in the tents of Camel-Land!

May God ALmighty continue to inspire within us all the urge to help and assist one another. Ameen.

Wasalam :)

Walaikumslam Sidi


Let's not stop there -

Let's go and thank everyone we ever came across so we may become more true to our own selves. We should all recall the Great Caliph as he would say that with each footstep he took, he thanked God Almighty.

Lets become those 'People of Thanks-giving!"
Taz, you are truly amazing. You touch so many people - and I am one of them (I'm filling up here!).

It is such an honour to call you my friend. Here's to knowing you forever.....

Love always fellow camel fan,

Sarah xxx

My dearest friend.

I must have struck gold when I met you! ALhamdulila.
You continue to remind me of myself - talking to you is like talking to myself I feel, at times.

Amazing how God Almighty connects us with our very own 'human mirrors' -

Thank you soooo much for all your support in these many trying months. Nice knowing ya Wonderwoman!

Love, Peace & Prayers my dear x
Asalaam (wrwb)

SubhanAllah! Reading this ‘gratitude’ page has left me in total admiration; admiration of the striking things people continuously do for one another; admiration of the love and attachment people have; and an admiration of the immense thankfulness and appreciation.

Repeatedly I hear about the ‘inhumane’ things that are occurring all over the world and more then often find myself thinking that we have forgotten how to be ‘human’; we have forgotten how to follow the example of our great Prophet (PBUH); we have forgotten how to offer a helping hand, or a shoulder to lean on, or a smile to ease the pain.

However, reading this has shown me that though the ‘bad’ is on the increase; it could never out do the ‘good’; there always has been, and there always will be beautiful, kind, caring people out there.

May Allah reward all of those who helped you with the best, and may Allah reward you for appreciating and valuing from the depths of your heart all that they have done. Though I have never met you, I can say with certainty you deserve the best. May Allah increase you in health and emaan and wisdom and the best of deen and duniya! Ameen…

Take care, hugs and kisses...

Aaminah... xxx
What a life! SubhanAllah tests and trials either bring out the best or worst in us. Blessed is the one who accepts with dignity and grace the tribulations. Their beauty is manifest through them. You really are a testimony to this. I can't help but stand back in admoration. You speak with words full of wisdom and sincerity. I truly believe that Allah loves you dearly. Fortunate are we to have shared a glimpse into your life so that maybe we too might reflect on the wonders and infinate plan of Allah (SWT). To see his servants draw closer to him this is the beauty of Iman.
May Allah accept all your endevours in hardship and in ease.
Your sister in peace Jamilah xx
p.s please excuse my terrible spelling it was late and someone else wanted to use the computer - reflection - take your time, don't rush!! ma salaama jamilah xx

Thank you!

I think one of the great injustices of modern living is that it leaves many of us without time for reflection on the little things people around us are always doing for us.

We just need to stop for 5 minutes per day and count the people who have helped us in the last 24 hours - and we will realise how much goodness is in our midst.

Wasalam, love and prayers
x x x x

And thanks for popping-by :)

Thank you for your kind sentiments!

And for popping-by Camel-Land! By the way - have we met?

>>>Fortunate are we to have shared a glimpse into your life so that maybe we too might reflect on the wonders and infinate plan of Allah (SWT).

:') No. I am the fortunate one for I have been blessed with so so many wonderful people, with even more wonderful actions - who never cease to look out for me. Kindness exists as too does the sacred bond of friendship - and many have been sent to teach me this through directly demonstrating it.

Spelling mistakes? lol
Well... stand in the corner of the class!!

Keep well all

Wasalam, Peace & Prayers
We have met a few times i'll give you two clues i'm one of two (double trouble) and I sent you a message when you went for pilgrimage. Take care, please remember me in your dua's xxx

I know who you are :)

Thanks soooo much for visiting x x x Hope all is well on your side of the world :)
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