Thursday, April 14, 2005


Mailing List UPDATE... finally!

Salaam and Peace to all.

Praying you are all well.


This was intended to be an email, however I am unable to send it out mainly because since having my machine cleaned out, the Mailing List email addresses require a few hours of 'sorting' out. Unfortunately I am physically unable to dedicate this amount of time on the machine right now. So rather than pending this any longer - I decided it would suffice if it the email was pasted here. So here comes that long email which was intended for folk on the Mailing List ... but is now here for all :)


My apologies for the delay in this email – I started it in the early days of March. I'd like to thank the friends who helped the dictating and typing. Please note this update is long, there may not be another one for some time so I have tried my best to include all the necessary points. Thanks for your patience – I know not everyone likes reading long emails!


Due to unforeseen circumstances the Tranquilart website has temporarily been taken offline and will remain so until further notice. My humble request to supporters is to pray for a speedy recovery for Tranquilart!

I developed pain in my right wrist in mid-Feb which was diagnosed as tennis elbow. However, 2 months later and the pain is as bad as ever in both arms. This has meant taking a complete break from art and work. Currently users are being diverted to this blog site – I will endeaver to keep this site updated as often as I am able to.


Tranquilart has stopped activities in the fields of:


I regret to tell you that the long awaited 2005 Catalogue has been postponed until further notice. I would like to thank Birmingham Women's Campaign for their support in this matter. However, Tranquilart will still, God Willing be raising money for the purchase of Graseby Syringe Pumps in the near future. (This may be later this year or even 2006).


Tranquilart has been working with Ulfah Arts in a public display of the talent and stories of four females. I urge everyone to support this in whatever capacity they are able to. There are no more exhibitions planned after this until further notice.


Tranquilart held a stall and a one day workshop on 17th February at Birmingham University. The students were asked to participate in demonstrating their creativity by painting on a canvas entitled "The Garden". This is part of the ongoing work I am doing on this theme as part of my own artistic and spiritual development. You can see how we got on at: here!


When the Tranquilart site was closed, the Homepage took away links to the various articles and interviews. I had requests to reinstate these therefore these have been made available through my blog: Here


Tranquilart has kindly received donations to finance productions of the artwork. As you are aware this has been a 100% non-profit making project, I have been overwhelmed by the financial support from people of different faiths and backgrounds.

However, I will not be taking any more donations until the future of Tranquilart becomes clear.


These are days of reflection and contemplation for Tranquilart. I am trying my best to share some of these thoughts with you but it is extremely difficult to write/type at the moment.


A deep, warm thank you to everyone for their support in all the forms that I have received it. May Gods' Grace be upon you all.


Tranquilart is a way of thinking and ultimately acting.

My aim has been to use hand crafted art based upon a traditional philosophy of peace and harmony, to instill a feeling of inner and outer tranquillity. This has been a mere attempt.

Throughout the Tranquilart journey I have been extremely fortunate to have met so many people who I believe were God-sent. They supported me when my ideas were still abstract in my head.

They were the best teachers I ever came across; taking my fears and turning these into openings into my own heart; helping me cross barriers which many 'artists' face in the modern world.

These were the guides who helped me develop Tranquilart into a tool which related the actions of my limbs to what was in my mind and helped make this project into the spiritual discourse I had envisaged.

They stretched their hands out to me at a time when I was too scared to give my hand to anyone.

When my world had become a barren garden of cynicism; they planted a rose-bed of trust.

When I could barely crawl they taught me the art of walking.

Walking in the path of the dreams many of us have rooted deep within our beings – but dreams which only materialise once they are realised.

As if it wasn't sufficient to be surrounded with good people with charisma; when my contact in the 'cyber-world' grew, I came in contact with so many wonderful people who gave me the warmest 'welcome' a website could receive.

People to whom I have never spoken, whom I have never seen but whose emails brought cheer to my face and gave me the motivation, encouragement and strength to continue this project.

On days I thought: is this project worth it?

But then, almost as a good omen, I'd recieve an email from a complete stranger telling me that they liked the website and wishing me the best of luck.

My heart skipped a beat one morning as I received an email from a young girl perhaps aged 13 who asked me if there was anyway she could help.

It missed another beat when an 81 year old gentleman who had come to visit the Tranquil Minds artshow wrote me the most beautiful and encouraging email; telling me to continue to spread the message of hope in this society.

We may never meet in this world – but for sure my faith teaches me that I will meet all those who are part of this world of mine One Day.

Tranquilart will be back, when the conditions are right – I am sure the whole of the celestial world will bring it back when it needs to return… just as they did in the first place!

Until then Good Bye & God bless...And keep reading the blog for camel rides and stuff!!

Peace and Prayers to all

gosh i cant believe the grammer mistakes in there... :D
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