Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Complicated Openings?

Asalamalaikum from the depths of my reflective mind, soul and body

Greetings of Peace and Salutations of Tranquility to cyber world :)

Okay so I get a lot of peeps asking me what I'm up to nowadays ... and upon seeing a sling - or tubigrip on both hands they squeeze their eyes and say "What on earth have you done?"

As if I have done this I think.

Have I really?

For what is my belief in the Power of an Unseen Force if I believe I am behind this? For I realise that currently I can't do more than I once could.




Is this to be perceived by annoyance? For faith is a waste of time if it is. I think to myself. No surely it can't be...

So what exactly does faith mean?

Lifes' crossroads are 2-fold I begin to think...

On the one hand it appears to be so complicated to get across to the 'other side' or as us nomads put it - the desert across there -->

On the other, from within them come so many openings and new endings - new routes for the caravan - countless possibilities for the camel to rejoice in..

I reason with myself that lifes' crossroads are indeed Complicated Openings. But where do we place the paint of 'faith' on this canvas of life?

Surely Faith must be the essence of knowing the Driving Force behind all of life's complications - just as the primer is placed upon the canvas during preparation. This priming agent called 'faith' must be present on the canvas before an artist begins their exploration of the Complicated Openings.

Faith in what I ask?

The answers come from the Heavans: In that Supreme Force which has caused what I perceive as:





Peace & Prayers
God Bless

Wasalam, Duas
hello! how have you been? I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope you get better soon! Take care.

Im well :)

have my painful / painless moments I guess... hows the world where u r?
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