Saturday, February 19, 2005


Part 2: The Garden

Greetings from this nomad - May God Almighty Bless everyone to be at peace and Guide us unto His Light, ameen.

(part 2... see part 1 here)

As I have said many atime; Tranquilart is based on the spiritual notion of returning and finding peace.

This ‘return’ is to our natural state of salvation; where ultimately the peace resides. It is also the place where we belong, or rather, originate from. This is none other than the Garden of Paradise itself.

I remember as a young kid playing with my siblings and our friends on a piece of wasteland which was due to be constructed where we lived…
Mum would step outside when it was time to go back and shout out our names – calling us back home. And we would stop our games and rush to her call.

Rush back to our abode.
An abode which was our security.
An abode which was our refuge.
An abode where we felt safe.
An abode commonly known as ‘home’.

When one begins to look at their home, one realises that there is a strong sense of belonging, attachment and love for this place. And consequently we hear the term ‘home-sick’ when one is absent or away from this place of comfort. Feelings of being homesick have been experienced by us all to varying degrees at some stage of our life. And we try our best to make the temporary dwelling as ‘homely’ as possible – either by surrounding it with things that we are familiar with or by consciously doing the things we did at ‘home’.

When we finally ‘return’ back home after the period of being elsewhere we feel refreshed and revitalised.
Our tired spirits find comfort in the fact that we are ‘back’ in our place of tranquillity and relaxation prevails.

Good Night & God Bless - May we all return safely back to the place our spirits call 'home'.

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, duas

*some descriptions of Paradise
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