Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Time travel ;)

Asalamalaikum & Greetings of Peace to all

OK so the suitcase is packed, exam material is heading to OCR, room is tidy, and I even brought some plasters! What next????

We have 2 hours before the cabby arrives - in the absence of the cubs, the lions are asleep and me has a few minutes to blog a little before I hit the sack for an hour :) ..yes in my household whether you travel to Mecca or Mars you MUST sleep!

It feels like when we went to Hajj.. we had to meet at the local mosque to board a coach at 3am.. we managed to sleep an hour or so ;)

SO anyway - time is flying...

I feel so lucky; apparently the Alhambra Palace (in Granada) is the 2nd or 3rd most visited monument in the world! OK so my source may be bias since thats what the Spanish Tourist Office said when we booked a viewing time last week... ;)

I also feel less guilty on travelling here since I have completed the "journey of a lifetime" as is requested in Islamic teachings - for those who are able to go. In a sense had I not gone to Hajj I would be feeling a little guilty on going here. I suppose what Hajj has certainly done for myself is that it has "completed" me. Almost as if something was missing from my spiritual life, and so everything else that gets sent my way is thus a bonus :)

Anyhow - it is now midnight...

I cant believe it NO internet!

NO emails!

NO mobiles!



InshaAllah - catch you on the other end :)

Peace & Prayers
Jupiyah & Pupiyah to my girlfriends (a Punjabi way of saying hugs & kisses;)

LOL @ Jupiyah and Pupiyah!
Hehehe, mashaAllah :)
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