Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Money Matters!

Asalamalaikum all - deepest of greetings and salutations of Peace from my heart and soul :)

Yes money does matter!

Most part of today I have spent polishing up the final draft of a proposal for the next artshow... due in a few months time, by the Will of God Almighty. A thousand word document which weighs in at over 1800 ... well I did say I can write for England! I have drastically gone over the word limit - nothing new; all my tutors knew that word limits were a joke for me ;)

We are hoping to apply for Arts Council funding for the next venture and the proposal is an essential element of the application... also a brain-teasing exercise... well it sure has challenged my braincells to higher peaks... I fear they may escape... my scarf keeps them in there!

There's a 6 week waiting period before you find out whether you have been successful or otherwise. So if I am unsuccessful I shall have to seek elsewhere for some money...

I was thinking about this last night, and thought I could always do an on-line auction of a few paintings... or if the art-fever is over - I shall have to sell my camel herd... ANYTHING! But this exhibition MUST take off!

But its no small money either - I mean we are talking in the thousands...

I remember there was a day when to be the possessor of a £1 coin meant you were the richest kid on the block! Yes... I grew up in the black-&-white era where hop-scotch was the leading athletic sport, and boys would knit teddy bears at school... and paper notes were something you only saw on Eid!

Mum and dad always told us that one should never behave arrogantly towards money because this was a blessing from God Almighty - not only a trial. They explained how it was the means of attaining so much in the physical realm we live within. So much in terms of providing the physical body with the securities and rights it required to survive above the surface of the earth. They never brought us up to love money though.

Money was an entity that was useful only if it was obtained in a just way; and we would do justice to it if we spent it appropriately. Hence attaining a balance which would help us to see beyond it.

Viewing money like this meant that we never saw money as an "evil" thing. As each of us kids started out in our career paths we were prepared to start from the bottom since money was a valuable asset - thus any amount would be sufficient provided our means were healthy - thereby bringing in the very notion of Barakah or Divine Grace.

Lots has changed since then... loose change spills from pockets and rolls onto the floor... with no care from the possessor...

I remember a couple of years ago, a close friend whom I hadn't seen in ages phoned in desperation and said: "mate you got £20 to lend?"

Money does matter...

Good Night & God Bless
Peace & Prayers



So did you give your mate the £20?
No, she refused... she said she wouldn't come to see me just for money... far too dignified :) Bless her.
I enjoyed reading ur posts! blessed
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