Monday, August 23, 2004


Bring on the camels!

Asalamalaikum all :) Greetings and Salutations of peace from the depths of my being :)

OK so with just over 24 hours before we leave our hut for the airport, my room is a tip; exam material scattered on the floor; an empty suitcase staring at me; and mum telling me to vow I will have a good nights sleep tonight!

Oh yeah and the trousers which still needs to be hemmed - yes I adhere to the "hand - stitched for perfection" approach when it comes to attire ;)

What do I do though?! Didn't I say the life holds trials for the DOA ... erm OK maybe we are familiar to seeing that abbreviated for "Dead on arrival" ... D of A?

Ah forget it!

The camels set out last week and say its nice and warm in Granada.. they have been meeting a lot of long-distant relatives on their way up there. Amazing as it is I have been wanting to go to Granada for absolute years. Such a historic place; it will definetly help us feel the nearness of our roots. InshaAllah. (God Willing)

We were hoping to go to Istanbul, Turkey to see religious artefacts amongst the grand architecture there. But the recent bombings were enough for my dad to bannish my trip arrangements. My view that we can die anywhere was a laughing spot for my eldest brother who said: "Yes love, but you don't have to die under a bomb!"

The world, and what we have made it. How we cried to the point of wetting the sands of Arabia in desperate prayers for the world to become a safer place. How we begged with raised arms at every moment in our yearnings through life. How the generations of our Father Adam (Alaisalam) have weeped to God Almighty to unite the hearts of men in the worship of the truth. And how the angels were so true to say: "Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood!" (Chapter 2:30 Quran).

Its amazing though how we swing between hope and fear in life. On the one hand life shows us much to be hopeful about and on the other hand we are presented with fearful realities. Swinging like a pendulum back and forth between these two peaks we try to maintain an equilibrium which will help us understand the realness of what is before us.

For surely God Almighty is the Source of Mercy and His Kindness upon creation is greater than His Wrath.

And so again we see His Kindness over us today. For giving us opportunities to seek the bounties of His world and find closeness to Him through seeing His Signs ever-present on the earth.

Peace & Prayers
Good Night


Wow! Thats great news sis! Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip inshaAllah!

Istanbul and Granada? Wow...Take pics if you can. :)

Hope all goes well for you. :)

hey thanks dear yank ;) ..but its actually only Granada!! Reading skills O young one!
Hehe...was a lil tired..mistook "were going" for "are going." Oops. :blush:

Have fun either way sis! :)

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