Sunday, October 01, 2006


Selling Artwork!

Yes :-)

I need to raise sufficient funds if I want to re-launch the Tranquilart dot com website which currently looks so :-/ ..desperate.

If you knew me 20 months ago - you will know what the site looked like too. Unfortunately I don't even think Googles' cache can pick up anything from the old site as my hosts changed servers and I think every last remaining remnant of Tranquilart just 'went' somewhere.

Yes it does anger me. Honest to God it does. But one needs to get beyond emotion. So here is me -

I'm selling the work I have.. simply because I cannot justify any other way for investing in tranquilart as a site right now.
Any help would be appreciated -

I've reduced some of the prices below and I'm willing to reduce the prices up to 15% for those genuinely interested. Postage is free within the UK.

The prices are set to include both the materials and the number of hours I have physically worked. The pieces took between 4 to over 30 hours of work!!! Every bead is individually stitched, nothing is glued.

10% of the money will go towards a charity of the choice of the buyer.

If you can help in whatever manner, please get in touch:
07816 155 782

Many thanks,

Peace & prayers
Bint-eh Adam

The Beloved -
August 2004
20" X 16"
more info

Between Hell & Heavan: Finding God -
February 2006
30cm X 30cm
£65 SOLD

Change -
May 2006

60cm X 30cm
more info

Change -
July 2006
60cm X 60cm
more info

Finding God -
July 2006
40" X 20"

All pieces are mixed media on canvas: acrylics and pastel with bead and stitch work.

07816 155 782

Hey salaams...I sent an email your way to the tranquilart.camel addy, but it didnt work...let me know which addy works, inshaAllah. If not, I'll assume you're too cool for me. ;) lol
Walaikumslam dumpling x x x

I got your email my darling Rihla buddy and companion :')
I am still having a tad of a difficulty in recalling thee... But I think I know who you are. I'll email you later, perhaps whilst passing between my beta and alpha phases at night I will have some recollectives of thee ;-)

Of course I'm not too cool for you. Don't you ever say that again.

I've only recieved correspondence from you and another sister from the States. My heart misses a beat every time you pass this way.

Amazing, we were all gathered from the corners of the western hemisphere. Spent time together. And now we have been scattered :'(
I pray the Ramadan Wind blows our messages of remembrance and love to one another.

Salams to all my precious Rihla sisters across the pond x x x
jazakallah! you know why :D

you're cool, mashallah
Wa'iyyakum Brother.

Alhamdulila we are all cool, according to my extended definitions of the term. Though our 'coolness' may be in differing areas :-)

I checked for you:*/

It shows that your site has been archived... * means major update dates. However, upon clicking, nothing appeared. Try to check it out yourself, and see if it ever works, sometimes is slow.

Be happy!

Walaikumslam my dear x

Thank you sooo much for this love.
I have managed to find the start-up on the .CO.UK domain that I used to own before some bugger stole it from me >_<
And here is what I found:

This is how my site used to start up, only a few seconds of flash

The Web Archives for the site are really just blank pages.. as the bulk of the stuff was kept on the .COM site.. and there is nothing left there since they changed. But I found the dates.. which is kinda sweet memory in itself :-)

And here they are, click on anything to see loadsa snow

Once again thanks so much for pointing me this way.
I was so shocked when I got your comment; very surprised that you were kind enough to track some 'remnants' for me and I don't even know you :') May God bless you!

Be happy!

Ai Ai Ma'am! There's no choice but to be! :-D
wow i love that flash intro! mashallah did you create it yourself?
Yeah Alhamdulila !!

I had a piece with that artwork which can be seen here

My Web Designer Shaeed [God bless him and his Mrs] used the design and did something in Flash with it, a few years ago.
:) I am glad to be of service, Bint-e-Adam. I have lost many websties myself, and archive.rg ahs often bailed me out.

I can just understand your "pain." :)

All right, I have a question to ask you off the comments area - need your "testimonial." I believe you see my e-mail address in the comments that reach your mail. Can you please reply there?
Soz lovey,

Your email addy didn't actually come up. Please email me your question:

I'll try me best with the "testimony" :-)
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