Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The Breath Of Life...

Asalamalaikum all,

Salutations & Greetings of Peace from my heart and soul,

Wishing everyone Peace during this graceful month of Hajj.

Please do read the BBC website article : )

& check out the images - but no right-clickies and copies ok!!!


I was asked a while ago how Hajj led to the founding of Tranquilart...

and it is true to say that Hajj was the Breath of Life, for otherwise a 'dead' way of thinking... and many people still ask me what my inspirations are, where my strengths come from, how everything came about and why Tranquilart? ...just questions...

... and the response lies buried within the days in the tents of Mina, the Plains of Arafaat and the night-sky of Muzdalifah.

For one thing that often amazes those who I speak to is why I maintain Tranquilart to be a 'personal' project... and when people realise the link with Hajj - they assume it didnt exist before this - and it did! Though it seems confusing - the Tranquilart philosophy was around many years prior to the Hajj as mentioned afore.


For myself - I have met more Hajjees (a person who has performed the Hajj) after Hajj than before going.

And it wont be a lie to say that the project has continued to gain strength, momentum and energy whenever life has introduced me to these people.

Almost, as if the Link with Hajj has continued.

As if to say that the Peace I had felt and sense of knowledge I had gained about myself continues to be part of me; telling me that its true; not a false mirage, hope or insight. But that it was reality; the Grace of the Creator towards a helpless nomad.

Peace & Prayers

Wasalam, duas

hope all is well. like you said, i'm being optimistic! :) God never lets me down. Just that the hard times hit me so hard that i tend to lose sight of him. -__-' anyway, hope all is well with you. God bless. btw, thanks for the comment :)
Hey thanks for visiting! Yea Im fine :~)

Good to hear you're feeling a little more opi... you know hard times are a skip before the easy ones come along.. I wanted to share this poem with you -

One of my favs:

To get depressed these days
Easy to feel afraid
Easy to think the worlds' gone mad
Easy for dreams to fade

The news we hear of things we fear
Should never blind us to
The many kind and splendid things
So many people do

..hey - now I have to paste all this in your place!
Take care,
Peace @>@
wow. that was great! :) thanks a bunch! :) hope your day is going great! :) GOd bless. bye!
OH yea, one more thing. have you heard of the song "WHO AM I" by casting crowns? that's awesome. try listening to "Can i stay here forever"- by starfield or "ALL FOR YOU" by starfield. the lyrrics are soo inspirational!!! :)
hey - glad you liked it!

I actually havent heard the tracks you mentioned.. inspirational lyrics eh?.. hmmm ..

Hey here is another one of my favourites:

Just about
any dream
grows stronger
if you hold on
a little longer

*especially for u!

Enjoy your day - Peace & Prayers xx
Thanku 4 ur post babe. I thought about counseling... But... I can't because I can't let my parents know ((Well my dad know)) B-cuz they will flip. Seriously! It's against everything in my fathers eyes even 2 be raped by a black man... Or to talk 2 a black man... Anything...It's horrible! I dunno. Thanx 4 the advice though. You should really keep in touch.
No probs Kaitlin,

Yes. Feel free to email me whenever you like.

Dont forget that you are the precious Creation of God Almighty and that you have a unique position in this world. Never let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

As someone once said:

'You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you - no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.'

Speak soon
Peace xx
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