Sunday, December 19, 2004


In Sickness & In Health I said: "I Do!"

Asalamalaikum to everyone after A-ges! Greetings & Blessings of peace from the depth of my heart, liver, stomach, ribs and yes everything else 'in there' .. as well as my dear soul :)

Praying everyone is in the bestestest of health (physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual) and highest state of belief and faith - ameen :)

Regards myself - well, me has recovered (tell a lie - semi/recovered) from one of God Almightys' tests on the physical plains of my being. Yes - I had the B U G .. was down from Thursday evening till this morningish.. feel lots better better now now!

Alhamdulila Thank God Almighty for illness - for it extinguishes much.

The Prophet Alaislam is reported to have said:

The sick person's sleep is considered as worship and his moaning as litany of praise to Allah. He is rewarded as though he is performing his usual prayers when he was healthy although he is unable to do so now. His supplications are accepted, his sins are forgiven, all his mistakes and wrong-doings recorded in his book are deleted, and he is told `Very well, start your new life with an absolutely clean book!'

Islamic societies never frowned upon the ill or infirm.

The Islamic civilization gave rise to a wealth of of medical knowledge and practise, unheard of in the, then, 'barbaric' west. Whilst the world was asleep in the 'Dark Ages' Islamic societies saw the flourishing empire of physicians. Health was a blessing from God Almighty just like wealth, children or a business. And thus they spent so much energy in mastering how to look after this trust from the Creator.

However - it is ironic to find that we only consider health to be a 'test' when there is the absence of it. Or let me put it another way..
WHY is it that we consider ill health a test? and not good health?

Similarly - why are only people with financial problems considered to be undergoing tests?

why do we say only the infertile couple are being tested?

or the one who loses his business?

or the one who cant find the job s/he desires?

or the one ... ? & moi list est continuez :)

I came to this conclusion several years ago:

EV-rything is a test!

Sometimes God Almighty will test you by giving you one of His bounties. At other times He will test you by taking that bounty away from you.

I made a conscious decision to believe in God Almighty. Thus, in our contract it is not only in sickness, but also in health that I should say "I Do!" to His Decree.

Good Night, God Bless

*news from the desert - My camel herd (for those who can recall.. they went to the Sacred Saudi cities for Ramadhan) are almost home :) They were kidnapped along the way as they tried to cross the harsh desert sands.. they wanted to cross to other lands to see their relatatives before returning. But thankfully - the kidnappers' hearts melted since they explained how I was anxious to see them before they perform the hajj. So I am expecting to re-unite with them anytime this week.

My herd are hoping to perform Hajj this year and then, some will undergo the sacrifice in memory of Prophet Ibrahim Alaisalam. So ... this may be the final moment to see some of them :)

Anyhow -
Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, duas

Hope ur feelin better sis. Do you have a real camel herd?!

haha - do I REALLY have a camel herd?... more like do I really NOT have a camel herd?.. ?!

Yes - Im bits better.. the chesty cough is getting worse though.. I sound like an old man - and thats no ageist remark or offence to old men please!

xx *cough
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