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14 Tips To Prepare For Ramadan

There is a wealth of material out there on preparing for Ramadan. Here I present just 14 tips which have been recycled as timeless pieces of practical advice I have collected along the way!

1. Use 15 Shaban as a pre-Ramadan booster. There are resources here to assist you.

2. Spend 5 to 10 minutes to evaluate yourself daily before going to bed. Be still. Collect your thoughts. Silence is not always a bad thing.

3. If you need to book annual leave do it quickly!

4. If you have any owed days of fasting from previous Ramadan, start to make them up. If you haven't then get yourself into a fasting routine. In the very least fast using your senses and limbs.

5. Review yourself: do you owe anyone something? Did you say you would do something that you haven't? Does anyone owe you? Are there any lessons to be learnt?

6. Do your Eid clothes shopping before Ramadan so you don't get caught in long ques and headached Iftars!

7. Compile a list of people you need to contact who have lost a loved one since last Ramadan; to offer your support and regards. In my family there has been a custom to contact individuals before the 15 Shaban, almost as a way of letting others know that their loss is felt.

8. Start to increase your recitation of the Quran. If you cannot recite, then start to listen to the recitations more frequently.

9. Find out about Healthy Eating events in your area.

10. Start reflecting upon past mishaps, failures and weak moments and make a firm resolve to ensure it stays in the 'past'.

11. Start finding out about projects which you may wish to give your Zakat or Sadaqa money to.

12. Think about one quality you have which is not conducive to the Prophetic character and Quranic spirit. Make intention to remove it and get started.

13. Set yourself at least two or three goals which are realistic and achievable that you can manage comfortably during Ramadan. Think about the steps you will take to complete these goals.

14. Create a list of prayer requests to read at Iftar time. You can divide into three catergories:
i. Akhira - Hereafter
ii. Din - Religious matters
iii. Dunya - Worldly affairs
A great list is here for 30 days.

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Happy Ramadan
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