Tuesday, July 27, 2010


On Consistency

Be consistent.
It avoids unnecessary confusion.

images: pressed flower project with niece and nephew

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What's the link between pressed flowers and consistency?
Incorrect use of "avoids", statement doesn't make sense. "It" (consistency) doesn't avoid confusion, I think you mean consistency reduces confusion. Could have been worded better.
Thanks for the comment. There is a link, and I was wanting to open conversation, well in the least reflection. Pressed flowers require consistency :-)
Also, the project was done with youngsters - who require consistency in the actions of adults. Finally, our interaction with people does too, whatever their age. And this is what inspired the few words you see up there. :-)

Thanks for the comment. I did mean 'avoids'. Read it again, and this time keep in mind the meaning of 'avoids' which is not the same as the meaning of 'reduces'. And it is not the latter that I intended.
Regards wording, that is just your viewpoint...there are others for whom it is fine the way it is. Don't get lost in the words: lose yourself in the meaning :-)
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