Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dowra Sharings: 9 - Feeling Worthless

Approaching midnight at our guest Habib Faisal’s house. The third of August 2008. He started the advise session at 11.50pm. We have been served tea, maybe to keep us awake.

A short while passes into the counsel, and he asks us to listen carefully now to what he is going to say. I wonder: what can it be?

He warns us against:

Khazmiyah -

A feeling that you are nothing; nobody.

He says that satan uses this feeling to seduce you ie to convince you that no benefit will come from you.

My thoughts wander... so many times we think so low of ourself. We feel we are insignificant and that we can never do anything to bring about change. This leads us into becoming demotivated and not fulfilling the potential we have to bring about goodness.

He continues:

You are nothing without God and you are everything with God.

You are weak without God
Strong with God
Poor without God
Rich with God.

If this is settled in your heart; remember then that the Messenger came as one man and changed the nation.

He continues to speak about intentions, importance of having mercy within one's heart, and concluding with a prayer.

I took this picture whilst we were travelling in Hadramaut. I found this shoot very brave and considered it amazing that a tiny bud is growing in such dry conditions. The beautiful bright green colour against the dull and lifeless earth was quite a stark contrast. The might and strength of this bud made me reflect on how important it is to continue forth in our journeys through life despite the hurdles or obstacles we face.

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Assalamu alaikum,
taking a few minutes to try and 'catch up' on things in cyberspace...a beautiful post from a beautiful place and a beautiful scholar, may Allah Ta'ala protect and increase Habib Faisal's gift to the Ummah, Ameen. I recently was in awe of how green shoots stand steadfast in the midst of harsh rocks, SubhanAllah lessons are everywhere for us if only we were not so heedless. May Allah Ta'ala open hearts as we take refuge in Him from the whisperings of Shaytan, Ameen.
Wassalamu alaikum
Walaikumslam x x x
Amen to your prayer!
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