Tuesday, June 02, 2009


A Surprising Encounter With Ustaad-Ji

Square cotton scarves placed on a plastic hanger on the door caught my attention: £2.
Wow I thought – it isn’t very often that I come across decently-priced square headscarfs! I drew myself closer to the opened door; to touch and feel the fabric.. my glance fell upon the shop-keeper: a senior figure, with a grey beard. I knew that face I thought.

I knew who he was and asked him if he used to teach Quran.

Of course he did – he was my Ustaad-Ji.

He asked me if I was the daughter of so-and-so, mentioning dad’s name. I‘m glad I have some parental resemblance.

I said thank you to him for teaching me.
He had a very calm aura and asked if all my siblings had learnt from him – I confirmed bar one, the youngest.

He had no sign of pride rather a hidden sense of contentment.

A couple of years ago as I was re-gaining my health and trying to move forward I had a sudden desire to find this man and thank him. I just felt life was far too short for putting it off. I look back at those times sometimes and see them as great days wherein I had the opportunity to make many mends, in tireless ways.

I had wandered onto the street where his house was: in the hope of knocking his door and saying thanks to him. I couldn’t remember exactly which one was his house and didn’t want to stand around staring at people’s properties for too long. I made more than one visit, in the hope of some success. I must admit I was very disappointed at not being able to have remembered. I suppose it had been a long stretch of time since the mid-80s when I used to attend?

Yesterday after this surprising incident, I thought about God Almighty. How He has allowed for the many wishes and requests of mine to be fulfilled. I really shouldn’t miss an opportunity to wish for more I thought.

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Assalamu alaikum
Alhumdulillah for a blessed encounter with Allah Ta'ala fulfilling your search. So did you buy any scarves?
Wassalamu alaikum
Walaikumslam :-)

I know - it's amazing isn't it!!!

Nope - will do soon though :-)

Salam x
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