Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dowra Sharings: 8 - Caprice, Lower Self, Desire - Part 2

If the soul is rectified it is the best source of light, but if filled with defilement, there is darkness.

For how long will His creatures distract you?
When will you only be for Him?

I have a vast hope in Allah and He will ascend to a lofty station.
Someone who is true in his hopes will ascend to this lofty station.
O you who has a heart that understands, take these precious, glistening gems and seek knowledge (taqwa), learn these knowledges for those who fear Allah and have hearts that are clean and pious, this is where knowledge should be sought.

Get on the ship,
Come take these pearls and gems and all knowledge –
Emerge for the spring of Al Mustafa (the last aspiration).

The one who ascended above the seventh heaven.
Every station is below our Seyyedi, and you pick from his fruits.
His station will be manifest on the Day of Rising.
Accept these valuable gems that will be taken into the hearts of those who understand.

Wednesday 16th July 2008

Nothing is greater than nearness to God.

19th July 2008 4.20pm

I made you my wealth and source of hope at death.
And when truth comes –
On the Day of Rising be there for me O son of Amina.
O you teasure-chest overlook my ship for indeed I’m bankrupt and I’ve got nothing that I’d seek refuge other than you.
So be a source of aid and protection for me.
Whenever the doves fly or the stars move in orbit or clouds give rain.

Sunday 20th July 2008 4.30pm

I disobey my lower self and satan by strength of God, not by my own self.

21st July 2008 4.43pm

Rectify your balance.
Calibrate your scales.
You don’t have to leave things; get a balance.

22nd July 2008 4.20pm

Act out of love.

Act like someone with a vision.

Our deeds must be based on love.

23rd July 2008 4.30pm

All you have is what’s in front of you.

Thursday 24th July 2008 4.10pm

Know that your days are few,
will any of these days return to us?

If your soul is vile, you cannot get another soul.

We have few days and each of us have one soul.

You only have one heart.
You only have one soul.
God didn’t make anyone with more than one soul.

Remove the junk from your mind and replace with this – it’s the best knowledge.
If the vessel is full of filth, how can you put good into it.

Come even if you don’t deserve it.

I regretted what I did and I sought from my Lord and He accepted me.

Sunday 27th July 2008

Nothing can happen until the Master orders.

Every management is for God.
He provides for every creature.

Anything that has been portioned out for you will reach you.
..Anything even if its in the depths of the oceans.
O Allah give us a vast provision.

If a slave were to run –
where could he run?

4th August 2008 4.20pm

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