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Why Do I Post on Deenport?

Over the last few years, admittedly I have spent more time on DP than others due to my situation. I think I also have the highest number of posts counting over 7300. Often I have bumped into individuals who have commented on my posting; sometimes with a hint of sarcasm and other times with a genuine interest.

I have at times felt uncomfortable when people have thrown one-liners about my posting habits in an otherwise civilised chat about life. I have found it extremely difficult to grasp at those times when we have been in environments where others are also present or when I have met people after ages or worse still when I have gone out after spending a long while indoors. This was moreso the case a couple of years ago. And sometimes I have found it not nice coming from people 5-10 years younger than me: I am not a teenager, rather someone 30 plus.

I've never really tried to explain myself because I believe that there is no need for explaining my actions to others, who afterall are happily reading what I may post. In fact at times when I haven't posted on DP I have been emailed or texted as to why. I have found it confusing to deal with, especially during the times when my main concern was my health and managing pain.

I've always convinced myself that my Prophet teaches me to make excuses for people when they say things one doesn't like. I have thus assumed that those who when I've met them have made sarcastic remarks to me are just not aware of the function DP has had in my life these last few years. And I hope to continue with this thinking.

I have learnt a lot on this website and it has helped me grow in many ways. No doubt the time since Feb 2005 has been an incredibly challenging one for me. However, I have been the recipient of many blessings through it. Too many to share here. I just received the following email which is one reason why I keep posting on DP:

From: ********
To: tranquilart
Subject: Salams
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:54:59 +0000

As Salam O Alaikum Apa

I pray that your well inshallah. I took your emil from deenport.
Although Im not active on deenport I follow thethreads and events on there. I just wanted
to say a big Jazakllah Kheyr for all the advice and support you offer. I was touched by your advice
and support you and many others gave to a sisiter a few days ago. May Allah reward you all immensly and may allah shower you with his mercy and blessings. Ameen

I wanted to ask if you would remember me in you duaas too. I hope you dont mind me calling you apa.

My apologies for the random email which may sound very strange. Ive been meaning to email you for a while and today i thought Idont care how strange i may sound im going to emil my apa and ask her to remebr her sister in her duaas.

Needy of your duaas

P.s. please keep in touch


It's something I have said before: about why I blog.

So this blog post is not to inflate my ego or give my lower self the time of the day.


I know that I could and should write about the many many great things I have learnt thanks to Omar Tufail's dynamic website. However, some things are best preserved for another time and space. My sincere prayers are that on the Day of Accounts, Omar Tufail and his loved ones are greeted with the billions and billions of mountains of hope that his website was responsible for creating through the opportunity it generated for servitude by dots in creation like myself.

Something I intend to blog from the Dowra Sharing at some point is the importance of the blessings we have all been given in life. One of the first things we were taught was that if we don't use our blessings for the good of humanity, then these blessings will be taken away from us.

Like you, I fear that one day soon I shall be in my grave. In fact my 6 year old niece made me think last night. We were speaking about when she grows up and she said: " You will be dead then!" and I asked her if she would miss me to which she replied that she would...

I think about all the blessings and gifts I have wasted and have not put to good use. One day will come when I won't have the ability, time or opportunity to make a posting.

So if one post of mine on DP has been well-recieved by anyone and given them a sense of direction then I can justify the remaining 7300 plus.

I think that is fair enough right?

PS - oh yeah.. I've made a lot of friends through DP too!

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Your posts are wonderful don't stop and as for the critics....
"you can please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please everyone all of the time."

love and duas,

Madam Annoimoose
Perhaps it is a hint of jealousy on their part, perhaps it is just curiosity, perhaps you are reading their tone wrong, or perhaps they are jesting in a friendly way and don't realise how it makes you feel. It's impossible to tell the inner workings of another persons mind so all we can do is have husn al dhan until they really prove malice.

In any case, your posts are welcomed by many (including those not registered on the site like myself) so take heart and keep at it! :)

Wa alaikum assalaam.
Thanks to you all for the comments :-)

Please see below an important clarification.

There were 3 reasons why I posted this entry:

1. To highlight the fact that some people have made sarcastic remarks about my posting habits. Note I use the word 'sarcastic' not any other. Other words or interpretations of this word are the sole responsibility of the reader.

... and it has a time-scale:

"This was moreso the case a couple of years ago."

I didn't take any action at those times because as I said:

"I've always convinced myself that my Prophet teaches me to make excuses for people when they say things one doesn't like. I have thus assumed that those who when I've met them have made sarcastic remarks to me are just not aware of the function DP has had in my life these last few years. And I hope to continue with this thinking."

This clarifies my perception of past remarks alongside any to come in future.

So although I appreciate the advice on Husn Al Dhan - you will notice it is already mentioned in there :-) But a reminder or acknowledgement is great so thanks.

I don't see anything wrong with me bringing this issue up. I think if anything, it should teach us all to think twice about the language we use, even in jest. For those who may be familiar with me: I was very unwell when some of those sarcastic remarks were made to me.. Especially if they were between the period Feb 2005 to Summer 2006. People should learn to be more nice to one another. We really have no idea of people's circumstances. Some of those comments were made when I had gone out after spending days indoors. People assume that just because you are posting so well behind a screen, you will be in the best of spirits when they throw the 'one-liners' at you.

Thus, all I want to do is highlight the importance of watching carefully what we say to people. There is nothing wrong with this. Surely to aspire to higher and noble conduct is from our Tradition? We all need to seriously inspect our conduct. I am no different and perhaps the one in need of bettering my approach with others.

2. To highlight the email which indicates to all those who keep asking me why I post, one reason why I do. And yes some are merely curious. Why they are curious is not for me to answer.

I was moved by this email and thought I would share it with people. There is nothing wrong with that. I have done this in the past when I've receieved emails. See this posting 2.5 years ago:


Again, sense the reference to DP ??

3. To highlight that we have blessings which need to be used for good things. This was mainly intended to tie in with the email ie that although this person has found my input useful, it is merely an attempt at putting a blessing to good use. And that if I don't use this blessing properly, it will soon be gone.

4. To highlight that OT's website is a big blessing, an opportunity for us all to be better people if we use it properly. And I do owe alot to the site. There is nothing wrong in admitting that. Hence why this post is under 'Gratitude'.


It seems that most people have only grasped the first aim! And that was my having to deal with sarcastic remarks for at least 2 years (if not more) now!

I am writing this because I feel something I've written above has not been understood the way I wanted it to be understood.

I don't want people to see this as a call for rallying support for me or my posts! :-) Please don't! If someone finds something useful from me, great. If they don't then I hope to strive to become more resourceful to others.

I believe in responsible blogging afterall!

Many thanks for everyone's support.

And No I am not offended at all - honest - not at all! :-)

Just wanted to clarify as it just wasn't sitting right within me - get what am sayin?!

Kindest regards, Ma'salama

Assalamu alaykum sister,
7300 posts is quite a lot and even to be writing about it all in a blog could be read as it being something that is taking up too much of one's time and thought. If you've gained good from it, then that's great and if others have benefit from your posts then that's great too. The issue may be one of balance though and time. Posting and blogs can take up more of our life and time than they really warrant. We live in a weird virtual world and keeping the balance is key. In the time that we're posting or thinking about how people respond to us, what else could we be doing and what sort of life could we be living? I would say forget about it all; whether thinking about it or justifying yourself and just live your short life and just make sure you're not neglecting other areas and experiences. Regards
Walaikumslam Anon,

Just wanted to say a BIG thanks for the thoughtful advice. May God Almighty reward you for your reminder. Everything you said is right, and I really appreciate the various discussions this post has brought to the surface.

Seriously, good counsel needs to be a revived!


PS - 7300 since 2004 by the way not all in one year mind you! ;-P
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