Monday, October 20, 2008


Mehndi, Gratitude and a Ha-ha-ha

I wrote a while ago about how I was looking forward to the day I could wear Henna or Mehndi on my hands again.

guess what?

This Eid I was able to get some henna on my hands ..

OK so I didn't risk the palm, but hey it's still something :-)

I did get a telling off from mum for these pics - she said if I turned them upside-down they would be a swear.. LOL

The tranquilart butterfly or bird?

About to take off for flight!

Inspired by sunflowers or the circles of knowledge?


No No - I still have 2 hands..

This was not mine!

The 'Merry Trio' ..!

All Praises to God Almighty for the ability to wear henna on these hands again.

He gives us signs from amongst our own selves so we may stop, think and reflect.

How many gifts have we received from Him?

And how sincere have we been in using them for their true purpose?

Thank you... for Henna,
for hands,
for cameras,
for giggles,
for uploading,
for sharing,
for typing,
for seeing,
for all these and much more.

Alhamdulila Wa'l Shukr Allah.

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