Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Teakster's Eid Greetings

Over the last several Eids I have been fortunate to receive E-Cards from an individual who is also on a creative journey of sorts.

Every Eid without fail I get an email greeting and it reminds me of the Prophetic counsel that we should thrive in the continuity of our good actions. It is pointless in doing alot and then nothing at all in our attempts to conquer the perfection of our conduct and relationship with God Almighty. It is far better to continue with the little things daily than a massive task with no sustainability.

As we depart Ramadan, let us continue to keep alive the spirit by maintaining one or two key things we have learnt, and by letting-go of one or two of the not-so-nice traits we all possess.

Wishing everyone an Accepted Ramadan and many more generous ones to come. Eid Mubarak and Prayers of Peace for all x x x

08 January 2006 16:24:15

22 October 2006 15:02:20

09 October 2007 12:10:23

16 December 2007 17:53:15

28 September 2008 16:09:32

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