Monday, September 01, 2008


Happy Ramadan 1429

Marhabba hey Guest!

You are here again - Great to see ya mate!

Lookin' forward to spendin some quality time wiv ya..


Daily Ramadan Thoughts I did a while ago

Daily Prayers from a fellow blogger

Advice from our teacher in Yemen

Advice from our teacher in Yemen but when he came to Woking

Advice, but this time from our teachers across the pond in California

Advice from alot of teachers everywhere

And once you have read the above, a little something I was told recently: that make the aim to attain newer understandings from the Quran this Ramadan. Remember; there is no comprehensive commentary on it, indicating how vast an ocean it is.

Peace & Prayers
x x x x x x x x x


Salaam 'alaykum dear and may you and yours experience a blessings-filled Ramadan!

Love to you,
Ramadan Kareem :)
Walaikumslam Baraka
Ameen to your dua x x
& love back to SF x

JANA - thanks for popping-by and Ramadan Kareem :-) x x x
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