Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dowra Sharings: 3 - Importance of Wednesday

Tarim is an interesting place because it is somewhere where individuals try their best to practise what they know.

On 2nd July, our first Wednesday, we were taught that Wednesday is a special day. Our Ustada (teacher & mentor) gave us the following invaluable sharing:

- between Zuhr and Asr the prayer is mustajab (answered) because it is the day that the Battle of Badr took place and God Almighty gave victory to the Prophet Alaislam

- it is also the day that the 'light' of the Prophet Alaislam was created

- thus if you want to start a project that you want to see completed, in whatever sphere of existence (deen or dunya) ie of religion or of world, then it is a good day to commence

Roof-top views from our 'Big Dowra House'


Assalamu alaikum Dear 'Tranquil',
JazakiLlahu khairan for these dips into your blessed time in Tarim, Insha'Allah you have many more such gems for us :)
Wassalamu alaikum
Walaikumslam Dear 'Umm' ;-)

Alhamdulila -
Indeed so many dips from that oceanic epoch. Will keep diving for thee and picking out little treasures. Keep watching :-)

x x x x x
Tarim is an experience everyone should undergo. the land is filled with blessing, adab, spirituality and purification.

I really miss this land.

my travel was short but has left its mark on my soul and heart forever.
Dearest SisBeA, my little Baba was born on a Wednesday! JzkAllah khayr for this info, mwah! xxx
Anon 1 - thanks.


Anon Bhaji-jaani!!!
MWAH back to thee x
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