Saturday, August 30, 2008


Observing Learning Environments

Sitting in a college class I jot some thoughts:

Just by observing what’s going on in the classroom environment, one can come to be in a good position to reflect at one's own practise and conduct. What kind of language is being used to communicate messages? Tone, vocabulary, as well as whether or not it’s accompanied with facial expressions and other body language.

Some individuals will bend over backwards to ensure the students get the ‘best deal’. Others started off that way but soon became overcome by red tape, increased workload, lack of support and an ever-changing set of circumstances which influence the learning life and subsequently it's impact on the class.

And what is the ‘best deal’ I refer to?
Giving the learner the opportunity to reach their potential at it's fullest whilst they are in your company?
Perhaps, doing what’s within your power to give your learner a quality experience. Some of what I observe in the classroom has far-fetching repercussions for our life in general. If I skip back to my previous point for a moment: 'giving the learners the opportunity to reach their potential at it’s fullest whilst they are in your company' can so easily be changed to read:
Giving everyone who comes in contact with us the opportunity to reach their fullest whilst in our presence, company etc.

And we do what’s within our reach to help, assist, or signpost anyone who we interact with or anyone who interacts with us.

Knowing of course that the strength to do so comes from God Almighty. Yes the many opportunities we get to do goodness are given to us by our Creator. Sometimes we don’t know for sure why we get these opportunities. And there’s no real need or point in attempting to find out the answer to ‘why’.
Trust me: a great way to waste your energy is to try and draw your own conclusions to things. Never assume you will know why things happen: pointless pursuit. Also it’s extremely disappointing when you realise that things don’t follow your conclusions! Though this is not the same as finding meaning through ponderance.

Pondering, reflecting and contemplating ‘what does all this mean’ is a different thing indeed. Reflection is an important tool in analysing one's behaviour and rectifying one’s character as a result. Not to mention how useful it is for keeping under control the milleau of wondering thoughts as they roam in and out of one’s mind.

Every thought attached to many others:
the breeding ground for a whole new species.

It makes one wonder what new specie is being created within me. All the more important then, to reflect, on these thoughts: let’s prevent the creation of a specie which will threaten our own existence.
I want goodness to grow within me: for my thoughts to be the means to reaching a greater understanding about ‘what all this means’.

For enlightening to occur and realisation to take root, let me keep on top of any thoughts.

How can we be of benefit to those interacting with us if we are unaware of that within us?

Returning back to those that interact with us and how we should do what’s within our realm to help them: if we are empty what do we give to others?

Let’s go back to the class, observing others can teach us what lies within us.

This piece was written on a morning that I had been asked by an agency to work at a college. It had been a long time since I had been in a classroom setting.

Kindly typed by my volunteer, please say a prayer for her and her family. Thanks.

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