Sunday, August 31, 2008


My Burnt Hijab Collection

A visual odyssey.

Not only do I hate ironing, I can prove it:

As I was doing my tidy-up today

I looked at my scarves

and realised how many of them are burnt

and so, feeling a little silly

I decided to snap away

but then I realised

that there were way too many

which were burnt

I couldn't believe it

and thoughts wandered elsewhere

at the creation of God Almighty Most High

who Created the Heavans

and the earth

and all that exists in between

and He Most Powerful, also Created

The Hellfire.

I pray He, Most Wise & Lord of Mercy

Protects and keeps us all,

The Children of His Noble Prophet Adam Alaislam

free from even the smoke and smell of Fire.

And enters us all into Heavan by His Great Kindness.


Allahumma Ajirna min-an-naar [x7] O Allah, protect us from the fire.


Amin Amin Amin ya Rabb to your du'a.

p.S Apa, apart from burning your hijabs, you are pretty good at *cutting* your hijab by mistake with scissors as well- remember the package you received once ;)
Assalamu alaikum,
LOL!!!! I think you should be in the Guinness Book of records!
Insha'Allah you retrieve all the not burnt sections and sew them altogether to make a large colourful throw over for the garden or a curtain or something. They all seem too beautiful not to be used in some way.
A visually titillating post!!! :)
Wassalamu alaikum

Yes! Of course I do!!! How can I forget ;-)
So the next time round I recieve a package with the words: Do Not Cut Open!!!!!!!


At least it made you laff! I've had many over the years but have given them away with time. Oh I forgot to tell ya, all bar one are worn on a regular basis ;-) C'mon whose to know eh? It's mainly the edges / corner parts which are burnt.. they can easily tuck inside [in the triangle way]!

A throw for the garden does sound interesting, as too does the curtain thing.. but I have a mum who would batter me quick if I opted for those creative diddles!

Salam and rainy-wet kisses from England x x x x x x x x x x x x
lol, thank goodness you didn't have an iron when we met! They are beautiful though!


Asalaamu alaikum.

Ameen to your du'as!

This is exactly why I don't bother to iron my scarves... :) Else I would have such a lot of gorgeous but ruined things as well. So sad. They are all so lovely!

lovely post. i just found ur blog by accident and clicked on this post bcause i too have a burnt hijab collection. one time i was at an event and standing too close to a candle. my frend shouts that something smells like smoke and we call look around and its my was really funny...i just calmly dabbed the flames away - it was onle of those thick shawl scarves actually.

anyways i digress, u have a nice collection but ur post is beautiful bcasue u reminded me of Allah when i read it. i didnt think to remeber Allah in such a thing of burnt scarf but u did, and u reminded me - and of hell fire also,. so thank u for that....may Allah accept ur duas

cape town
lol. Just came across this whilst doing a search for something else! How come I missed it in the first place!

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