Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dowra Sharings: 1 - On Sharing

Hats off to the Dowra Team who organised this year's program. They set such a high benchmark in terms of their hospitality that I am brought to humble myself to their kindness. I pray in earnest that everyone can go to spend some quality time with the family of the Prophet Alaislam. Praises to God Almighty Most High.

I intend to share a few things with you all.. and the first of these is the advice I was given: that not everything should be shared.

I am still very giddy and off to rest so leave you to enjoy my neighbour Ethar's blog who was in a room across me.


Assalamu alaikum
Welcome back dear one. May all the Nur from your experience be permanently etched in your heart, actualized in all you do and be an inspiration to all you meet, Ameen.
Wassalamu alaikum
Walaikumslam x x x


Thank you Nightingale -
I so hope too.
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