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The Noble Man From Zaytuna - continued..

For all of you who wanted to know what happened post the lift incident and after arriving at the class...
Yasmeen said...

Asalamu ala`ykum warahamtulah wabarakatuh,

Dear Sister Taslim,I am a total stranger to you ,but for the last couple of months I have been following your blog.And I love it.Your entry on the respected Sheikh Hamza Yusuf was splendid.It honestly made me cry , as I reflected on Allah`s immense mercy for guiding us with Scholars of the like of Sheikh Hamza.May Allah swt increase him in rank, blessings and health.

I feel upset at the comments that were made by the two users.However ,it is important to realise that we live in an age of ignorance.One frequently comes across "ignorant" and "awkward" remarks made against the most esteemed Scholars.Therefore I pray that "silly" comments left on your blog don`t sadden you.

Keep up the good work.
I look forward to "The Noble Man from Zaytuna Part 2" and Part 3 as well. :)

May Allah swt bless you with health and a long life.Insha`Allah.


Sunday, June 24, 2007 5:02:00 PM

KK said...

WE WANT TO SEE A PART 2 OF THIS ASAP!! SubhanAllah! Keep up the good writing :)

Monday, June 25, 2007 8:18:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Part two! Part two! Part two! PLEASE! If you have gone to the Rihla, then we expect a part for each day at the Rihla :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007 2:28:00 AM

After reading these lovely comments and emails I wondered to myself how in the world would I ever reply to you guys and your generous sentiments.

Amazingly, now the lessons that we sat in, in Jeddah are available for ordering :-)

So, anyone who wants to know what happened henceforth, you must purchase a set of these fine CDs and listen for yourself. Sit and listen to what our beloved Noble Man from Zaytuna said to us exactly a year ago..

For those of you who have been my long-time supporters and well-wishers throughout my period of ill-health - think for yourself what sitting in these sessions must have done for me and is still doing for me. Myself and fellow Rihla buddies recently reviewed the notes we made in these sessions and I was overwhelmed at how fragile a learner I am. What my being encountered whilst sitting in these sessions was beyond words. And for those of you who know me well enough, you will soon come to realise why I stopped blogging where I did in my entry. This CD set is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to move from point a to point b in their life. It is greatly empowering aswell as informing of where, what and how we are.

God bless Shaykh Hamza Yusuf with health, prosperity and the guidance so he continues to be the torch for us all. Ameen.

UK - roots distribution
USA - alhambra productions

The Alchemy of Happiness
By: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
5 CD Set Gift Box

In this 5 CD set, Hamza Yusuf discusses the causes of unhappiness in this world, according to Imam al-Ghazali, and gives us the guidelines to obtain inward contentment.
This amazing class was taught at the Rihla 2006 program (Makkah/Madina/Jeddah)

Come and follow this journey with me:

It is August 4th 2006, I am sitting in the lesson in Jeddah...

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I bought the CD set at your recommendation on DP and I love the set. It is probably my favorite of all though, The Poor Man's Book of Assistance is right up there.

But, we are not going to let you go this easily. I want to know more about our shaykh, i.e was he always with the group at the Rihla, what did he wear, was he in a joyous mood, was he reading alot of books whilst there?

Jazakallah khayr. I forwarded your original post to everyone I know and my sister cried while reading it because she feels the same way about this noble man from Zaytuna/Berkeley!

Alhamdulila what can I say!

To answer your questions..

Shaykh Hamza was with us for as long as he needed to be with us. He wore the clothing of Taqwa and cloaked himself with the chador of humility at all times. His cream apparrel was more radiant than Daz could ever get your whites! Seriously though, his garment was amazingly shiny. When I think about what he wore that last summer, I am reminded of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi and what he also wore. Perhaps it is the presence of the angelic creation which surrounds these mighty men of God Almighty? I am not sure. But one thing I certainly do believe and that is: the closer one gets into the physical presence of these saintly men; the greater one feels a radiant force. At least this is the observation of myself and others.

For me these were two amazing Teachers and Fathers of my journey whose moods were transparent for all to observe.

Like other Shayukh, Shaykh Hamza spoke when he needed to, and remained quiet at other times. Making us smile when the time required that we show such cheer. Making us reflect when we needed to. And making us ponder when the moment was right.

I felt extremely grateful as Shaykh Hamza's advice and teachings were so to the point and appropriate. At all times.

It was not really my concern what he read. As students we need to be confident enough in our Teachers that they are utilising their time effectively and engaging in the activity most apt for their roles as heirs of the Prophets. For me, it was sufficient to have received their words as gifts from our Creator Most Gracious.

Thanks alot for forwarding the writing to your contacts. Apologies it wasn't my intention to make your sister cry :-)

Hope you benefit from the CD the way we all have.
Helluuu!!!! (Waves to u ^_^)
Assalamu' alaikum warahmatullah!!!!

[This may not have a link to your post.Sorry.]

I got very excited (Yeayness!) when you left a comment on my blog. Thank You for visiting my rather plain and humble domain.

FYI. I've always been following up on your entries.Since last year in fact. You have terribly cool entries.=)I like!!~~

I'm from Singapore and i greatly respect this man...Shaykh Hamza. I hear and read his sermons whenever available =) He is truly a noble man like you mentioned.

I'm thankful to 'know' him...even if its just through the internet portal..same goes to you =)

With much much Love ^_^
Jazakallah khayr
Nur 'Atiqah Johan

Walaikumslam Wa Rahmatala my dear!

::waves back::

Aaah -
Thanks a lot fellow travellor. Hopefully you will also meet him very soon.

Apologies for the brevity in comment - will be more 'full' in future InshaAllah :-)

Peace, prayers & petals
x x x x x x x x x x x
As salamu 'alaykum,

I love hearing these stories of how peoples lives have been touched by amazing shuyukh like Shaykh Hamza. A friend once asked the Shaykh "Do you know you have changed so many lives, impacted so many hearts with your words?" The Shaykh just humbly replied "It's all by the will of Allah, if I am used as a means for good then I am honoured". We should be honoured that we have someone like Shaykh Hamza imparting knowledge and wisdom to us.

I once heard this amazing story - A sister had her car was stolen from her road, she had one of Shaykh Hamza's CD's in her car stereo. The car was returned back on her road with a note saying 'I heard the CD in your car and it made me realise I needed to change my life'.

May Allah always protect and preserve Shaykh Hamza and all the Shuyukh.

Cool blog btw, masha Allah.

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