Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hilye Book on Sale in UK!

Alhamdulila it has finally arrived to the residents of this little island!
135 copies are available for the lucky dwellers...

What better Eid gift!

And it's yours for just £75 [+p&p]

More info & purchase:

Ilyas Ahmed
1 Boyne Hill Road
07799 591591

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Hilye-i Serife Official Website
More info on the Hilye by Calligrapher Sidi M. Zakariya

hope this dont sound rude inshallah, but thats expensive for me :( sorry

Yep - it's kinda expensive for me right now too!

But what do you expect? Books do cost alot! And especially the books on specialised subjects like Islamic Arts and Culture, in fact ESPECIALLY them!

The Hilye-e Serife is definately one for the bookshelf... be it for personal or familial benefit. InshaAllah start saving up little brother!
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