Thursday, June 01, 2006


Money Money Money!

Greetings from my being:
Asalamalaikum folks x x

I was standing next to a wall waiting for the bus last week as I needed to get into City. I looked at the coins in my hand and then at their years. I've always loved doing that..


and a few 'new' ones.

Wow - those two coins are older than me! I thought.

I continued to wait for the bus and my mind drifted... many people have come in touch with the coins since 1971? How many people eh? And where are they now?

What must have people done to get these coins?

Someone obviously manufactured them by the permission of Her Majesty.

The coin was then sent out to the banks.

Someone earned that coin.

It was someones' birthday present.

A first wage.

The cost of someones' funeral.

Might have been used to feed someones' drug addiction.

Taken from some poor soul who was carelessly mugged.

May have been dropped and lost.

For someone else to pick from the floor.

Ending up as loose change for the bus...

I write this on the backdrop of having completed a form for the second time as the benefits agency claim they didn't receive it; although I sent it with 2 other pieces of paperwork which they have received! I also write on the back-drop of having been on leave since February 2005. And as someone who will have to take a break from the well-earning job as she feels she can no longer do it in full swing and smiles.

The journey of our coins is a great metaphor for recognising the temporal nature of wealth.

Our wealth goes up and down just as the coin comes in our hands and then leaves it. Whilst it is in our hands, we are responsible of behaving in a manner conducive to the wellbeing of our spirituality and our role as ambassadors of a Just Creator.

Thus we must remember the do's and don'ts of being the possessors of such coins.

DO love your family more than the coin.

DO give it to charity to purify its' worth.

DO remember it is creation; and not the Creator.

DO give thanks when you are given it in ample supply.

DO ensure you deal justly with it.

DO borrow it to others if they need it - ensure you have witnesses though.

DON'T forget to re-pay your debts.

DON'T cheat or swindle to obtain it.

DON'T use it to bribe your way in this world.

DON'T show off with it; here today - gone tomorrow.

DON'T use it to take the rights of others.

DON'T be upset because sometimes you won't have it.

DON'T be greedy when you have lots of it.

DON'T lose the principles of honesty and hard-work when you are offered a medium of attaining it through harming creation.

DON'T forget that you are not allowed to take any to the next world.

Dear folks,

Please don't blur your vision over the love of money. Yes we all need it.. But we have a Lord who has alloted certain amounts for each one of us. I can assure you, you will get what has been set aside for you before leaving this world.

Peace out and no more money-related fights please x x

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam

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