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Pakistan Made Me Think: Final Entry

Tuesday 18th April 2006 - 11.23am


And how we fear it - But why? What is it that we actually fear? Is it the changing seasons, and moving seas of lifes' journey? The forests of events taking place before our eyes or the changing, the 'becoming different' of our environment? Thoughts and Processes?

Fear of change as one ages - nothing is the same - all is gone, yet delicately replaced by something else. This is the way of the world. Each nation thinking they are the best - but soon to be replaced by some other.

"Every generation has a king or a slave in his ancestory" says our Teacher Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

How very true. This will go and be replaced by something else. In a sense though is it not a good thing? For we come to the realisation that nothing remains except for the 'Face of God'.

All will change.
All will be replaced.

Nothing is irreplaceable except what He Wills.

I was very much looking forward to returning home.. I had seen much and heard much. I was overwhelmed at times when I sat with my nan (the last of her generation) and at other times I was relaxed, especially when I saw how the kids interacted with the animals. I thought also about my own age: gosh i'm getting old. Did we ever think we would grow younger on this planet? I thought about change. What is change? What are my fears? And then I wrote this piece.

This concludes my Journal Entries.

I hope you enjoyed reading them. And as I said before: If you didn't understand any of it - don't worry man - you weren't meant to! These were some words that came to mind on certain occaisions - words which helped me put the various encounters during my trip into perspective.

Thanks for reading!

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