Saturday, May 20, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 8

Saturday 15th April 2006 - 5:10pm

Trip to the tailors!

Not a case of money but principles! How can people not do justice to others?

Why rob your fellow man off truth, and work done with honesty?
Where is ones' soul?
Surely the piling of money will ward off Barakah (Divine Grace) from entering your realm - if you are a persistent offender of the principles of honesty.

It was over 13 days since my 3 suits had been sitting at the tailors. Did he sew them as I said? Nope! Furthermore he didn't sew them in the stated 7 days and that meant we wasted time going to his place a few times. I was very upset at this incident because I had made it clear how I wanted my attire sewn, not only that but I'd asked him a handful of times whether he understood my requirements and he said yes.

I was not happy. I could understand that alot of tailors take on board other customers and so forth. But I don't understand why they can't say no and do a job properly. I'm a person of principles - I'd rather tell people it will take longer to get a task done than to take peoples' orders and delay everyones' work. I just thought to myself: how much Barakah is in something like that?

The tailor had skill though, and may God Almighty bless him. I'm wearing one of the outfits right now. And this is why we chose him: he was a very skilled person - and he sewed sme of our outfits prior to this really well and on time. But this incident was on the backdrop of several other customers bugging him.. so I kinda let him off!

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