Thursday, May 18, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 6

Sunday 2nd April 2006 - 11.05am

Protection -

A striking thought:

If wudu (ablution) is the weapon of the believer, that makes it a tool of protection.

Protection against what(?) one asks. What is it that we require protection from? It may be summed up in one word: devil. And that's true. Or if one had ample word supply one could extend or add to this with the words 'Diseases of the Heart'. For who is responsible for creating the diseases in the heart - is it no other than the devil himself?

Are the diseases of the heart not a symbol of the manifestation of periods of lack of care and maintenance of the heart?

Years of neglect?

Neglection of the fact that one has a gem to look after and protect in the best of manners - The lack of care and general 'looking after' resulting in a hard lump of flesh on mans' left hand side; infested with viruses which can only be treated with spiritual medicine.

And wudu is one such remedy which has been recommended. For if it helps safeguard against the devil then indeed we haven't understood the shielding properties of this act.

What are flies, jinn and people to harm you - when, if you so desire, you could shield yourself with this weapon. Armour for the soul. As too is the Sacred Text - each word a talisman.

The weather had been like British summer all this while with cold chills every couple days in the week, I was feeling alright and hands were improving too. But as the heat got hotter, all sorts of wildlife starting showing up at my folks' place: I mean there was Mrs Frog and her child in the loo; the Busy Bees in the veranda, the Lizard we called 'Bebi' because it was tiny in our bedroom; the fresh battalion of Ants replacing the previous nights' brigade; random cockroaches and other interesting characters. They were all making a special appearance on our farm-house from time to time. And poor lil me being the whimp I am, was kinda not feeling the most confident of humans in front of these guys.

One day it just hit me whilst doing wudu that what I was actually doing was preparing myself with a tool against the devil: hayhay I thought! Wonderful! And then the penny dropped.. if wudu could help against the big guy then why not these little fellas - who afterall are living out their destinies and doing what God Almighty created them to do.

I also realised that I should ask God Almighty for protection; a two-fold protection: For me to be protected from the wildlife and for the wildlife to be protected from me.

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