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Pakistan Made Me Think: 5

Tuesday 28th March 2006 - post 3pm


Exactly what are they(?) that man so desperately hopes to ascertain in a given period of time or from taking a certain step in life? Man hopes for them from certain encounters - an encounter or experience which will lead to a better outcome than what he has before him at a certain point in life.

The question one asks is whether or not it is correct (or incorrect) to hope for such openings? Such Pathways to open up.

"Yes" I hear the cry - of course it's right and why shouldn't it be? Afterall openings are God-sent.

Surely "it is written" -

Surely those "pens are dry".

If there were no expectation in man to hope for openings - faith, or rather I should say that leaps of faith would be impossible. For in the hope of seeing an opening what man is really doing is once again placing his trust in God -

Yes it is another opportunity for mans' faith to grow and blossom.

After having spent over a month in Pakistan .. One of the things I thought often was about openings and their nature.

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A friend of mine blogged about the sheer unpowrness of man to control anything at all. What we have a semblance of control of whatever God wants us to think we are in control of.
This is beautiful.
Hey Fitena!

Welcome to Camel-land my friend!

Is that a map of Africa on your sig dear?

Definately true: Man has no power. We are living in a world full of events and encounters that are totally out of our control..

Thanks for popping-by dear :-)
This is rather deep :)
SubhanAllah I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulila :o)

Your smilies still have'nt evolved noses LOL

Let's see what happens...
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