Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 3

Monday 6th March 2006 - Almost Asr time (3.30-4pm?)

'Nothing To Do'

Is there such a concept?

Can man ever enter a state where he really does have nothing to do?

How does one define nothingness?

Is it when one breaks away from the actions of ones daily structure of the day / week / month? To not do them; is that what nothing means? That one is not doing those standard daily routine jobs / activites?

I cannot believe we can be in the position of doing nothing at all. We're always doing something. We're not allowed to do nothing as even if we desired - our bodily functions - those millions of cell reactions would continue to do what they have been designed to do. Only, we would think that we are doing nothing, when a whole new world is being constructed around us all the while.

I think there's always something to do. Never, nothing.

And what we call nothing is also the created; one of God's many creations and handiwork. 'Nothing' will serve it's function and then go - for everything has a purpose for it's creation.

I wrote this one afternoon after having been in Pakistan for about 10 days. Mum and dads place out in the countryside - vast amounts of land; wheat fields and acres and acres of green land. A banana tree outside the gate to the house, a spot I played much as a child; a place we had pictures taken as little siblings. A massive courtyard, leading from it verandas with arches - and leading from them rooms to their dwelling. A dwelling where my great-great-grandparents were given land after being displaced due to flooding all those years ago. And a dwelling which the next generation may never see as an adult as it will again be flooded very soon.

Yes, there was seemingly nothing to do in such a fine spot. . .

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Seemingly nothing...there is always something :)xxx
Did you rely on the adhaan for prayer timings or could you work it out from th sun and shadows?

always something - yep!

The adhan did play an important part but - I'm a bit of a sun-fan :-) So yep - I decided to check for the shadows LOL. To be fair, it wasn't that hard .. I mean you knew it was night time when the stars popped out!!!

But I do find it fascinating that people like Nan rely on the position of the stars to deduce how much of the night has passed.. and how much remains.
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