Friday, May 05, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 1

2nd Safar 1427

2nd March 2006
Time: after Isha 8-9pm? (no clock)

Don't even know what to write...

Amazing few days -

I find it heart-rendering that man can reach a point where the suffering of fellow man means nothing to him. A state where one can become numb to the pain felt and expressed by fellow man. How did we ever reach that state as the Noble Children of Adam Alaislam? We have become so very selfish that care only about ourself. Why?

Why has man turned his back from aiding his fellow brother?

Life is indeed about opportunities and whatever we get in life is dependent upon the opportunities or blessings that come in our direction. And I understand that Al-Baqarah speaks about being tested with poverty and loss of crop - I realise God is the Most Just - The Source of all Justice that we see in this world before us. However, it becomes even more difficult to make sense of the selfish attitudes of mankind knowing that He is so Just.

I come to realise just how alone man actually is. We have lost the practise of the Hadith which called for the "wishing for ones' brother what you wish for yourself."

But how does one stay quiet, remain calm; unattached; numb and emotionless in the midst of such attitudes? How does one refrain from showing ones' disgust at the actions of Noble Creation?

I ask, is it this - my tablet of purification? Is this actually a scene - set, well-timed to check my response? Maybe this is the exam awaiting my attempt and after which I shall have found the key to unlocking the door wherefrom the Grand 'Opening' will emerge? Maybe?

There is no certainty -
For surely what we see before us is a mirage. It is the mind which thinks in rational and logical argument which often deceives the mind - and person with it.

It is not befitting for our minds to assume that we can read all there is to read about all that we see before us. There is also the Unseen. Our minds are programmed in very limited portions to think only so far as the symbols they interpret. And surely they interpret in limited amounts. The Reality is God Alone.

Poverty, selfishness and poor adhab inherent within human beings is not the Reality.

The Reality is God Alone: "For wherever you shall turn, you shall find the Face of God." All I request is that I be given patience to follow through this insight. Ameen.

I wrote this after a few days of being in Pakistan. It was the only way to come to terms with the poverty and human behaviour I observed around me.
JazakAllah khayr for duaas dear sis :) xxx

Can you believe that I can't get back to sleep as my little toe is throbbing? Anyone would think that I'd been walking all day yesterday...when I don't think I even put my shoes on! Hope you're in peace xxx
PS Aren't rings with hearts kinda corny? Stirring up silly random emotions that we think we've forgotten all about!
PPS Its so peaceful at this time of day...only the milkman to distract you
PPPS InshaAllah going to try driving to work tomorrow...better get back to bed...shhh toe...let me sleep! G'nightey! :)
PPPPS- no, rings with hearts are *not* corny :P Hearts RULE!!


I hope you're well Sis Bint (I had to refrain from sayinG DOA)....It must be difficult to settle back into old routine after such a long time away?

(the word I had to verify to send this post was vevyhpzh - as in very hip-zz....hmmmm I wonder)

(P.S it's me- the bracelty one....)


You gave me a fright with 4 posts man!

Hows your little toe? Perhaps a nice soaky in lavender will help it calm down? Or perhaps it's because you haven't been walking that has set it off..

In regards rings with hearts - lol - I actually don't wear rings, I'm a bracelety person. But I haven't worn anything on my hands since I've been unwell. It's kinda irritating - I can't wear anything on them now for longer than a few hours for some reason.

And as for the Milkman - well madam if you were in bed like the rest of us, he wouldn't be such a distraction! But I agree it is peaceful. The body finds more peace and contentment in those wee hours of the morn.

Hey are you off to work? Thought you had a note till Tuesday madam?

Wasalam x x

Hearts rule eh? So anyone wanting corny heart rings - Z is the name!
I'm well :-) Tummy bugs seem to have finally cleared-off.
In regards settling in into old routines - well don't forget my dear that I actually don't have a routine as such. It was great to come back.. took me a week to settle back into my room and to get myself back into gear again with my surroundings.

Weather is picking up - so I'm :o) and glad - don't like miserable grey clouds to be honest.

>>>Very hip-zz<<<


Well mine is rahkct = Racket?

LOL - do people actually LOOK at them!?!

Take care.
Btw I see you're into Deviant Art... Is that site any good?

Bint-eh Adam xxx
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