Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Midnight Electricians

I've only just had some pretty yellow tape put onto the AC Adapter that connects my laptop with yummy yummy food :~)

I was having problems with the laptop earlier today .. it kept dying out on me (not crashing) just stopping. Then after lunch it just 'went'. I got into panick-mode and started thinking about all the things I needed to do on the net.. and now couldn't. Oh - and the thought of having to find a good kind person to take a look at the machine.

I called my brother and asked him to pick me up on his way from work so I could do the important emails I needed to at his place and he arrived later in the evening. My brother had a splitting headache and asked if I could arrange a lift back. I called this person and emailed that one.. and got lots of advice.

Then he called his friend from whom he gets his IT stuff from and he asked that we remove the battery (similar advice I was given by someone I called). By magic, his headache was no more!

We came home and he grabbed the wire of the Adapter. Aha!

He pulled the wire connecting the box and broke it -

"Here is the problem" he said.

Well of course mate - you've just broken it ..

Better leave experts to it.. I thought.

He sat on the bed with a knife and scissors .. and after some fiddling around and a lecture on electric-trickery stuff..

Don't ask but my adaptor has some pretty yellow tape on it right now and he says it will last me another 3 years :o)

..Oh and also that he will get me a new adaptor from his matey by tomorrow InshaAllah.

Midnight Electrician?

I say that because he would have sat way past midnight if he had to - to get the thing up and running for me.

Brothers eh?

We love them x

And I was going to be phoning PC World tomorrow to ask if they could check out the laptop.. hehehe ~ We had a good laugh :-))
Yeah brothers are the best, course as my dad always told me if you can't be competent then surround yourself with competent people. he told me that a lot. hmmm.



Well I guess if you surround yourself with competent people - EVentually they will rub off their goodness on you ;~)

Siblings grow older and our paths diverge.. No longer are we the little kids who played hop-scoth together or skipped with one another.. Teasing each other and getting one another into trouble from mum and dad.. and then feeling guilty..

We are 'Big People' and society dictates we 'move on' .. but we are still there for one another.. and hopefully if we reach our seniorhood - well.. we can all have races together again!.. In our frames.. ;)
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