Sunday, February 19, 2006


What my Dad did today


Unsure how many other families have odd experiences but my own is well-known for the wackiest and craziest random happenings :-D

I had to go into City and my sister had to get to work.. I wanted to make my wudu (ablution) so I could speak to God Almighty and dash. All was going fine until I opened my door and saw the state of the bathroom.

Dad had pulled the sink apart!

And I thought:

What on earth has happened this time!!!!!!???????

My little sister's ear-ring fell into the sink and as she hadn't ran the tap after, she asked the guy called dad for assistance.

Now my pa ain't no ordinary bloke - he's Super-Daddy! So he pulled the sink apart with his mighty strength and started poking at the pipes with his frail fingers and heavy dirty tools. He spent so much time turning the pipe.. Just to realise that he had been tightening it all along!

After 45 minutes of the calamity dad managed to unscrew the pipe and emptied its' contents into the water-jug. Hoorah!

The only problem we had now was to put the sink back together before mum got home :-/ I was later for the City and sis was late for work but we had to get the bathroom sink in one piece before SuperMummy!

Sister holds the sink whilst dad tries putting the pipe back on.

Nope - no luck as SuperDaddy being the strong bloke that he is - managed to break the pipe..

Oopsie diddly giddles - now what?!

Well - dear old dad went out to the DIY shop not once but twice this afternoon to buy a new pipe.

And all because the ear-ring was a gift from my brothers' wife :o)

Daddy man - what are ya like?

God bless dads for they are irreplaceable :o)

Mashah allah ...parents are so wonderful..
Yes - they are indeed... wonderfully weird - :-)
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