Monday, February 06, 2006


Lines of Communication

Salam :o)

It will read as if I'm an expert at making excuses, but it's true..


I have gone through phases of installing MSN for a week or less and then unistalling it for a few weeks or months.


Am I weird? Or do I just like annoying myself?

My problems with MSN are namely:
1. 'instant messages' are extremely 'instant'. I mean they don't allow for thinking time and require a quick response. This does not always suit me as it means I must type very fast and many times this triggers off a twitching sensation in my thumb or the palm.

2. everyone bombards me with conversations. Yes. I find it very hard to maintain more than one conversation most times. I used to be OK once upon a time but at the moment it is very hard. The other unfortunate bi-product of this is that the flashing blue lights at the bottom of the screen are irritating.

and there are a couple of other things too.

Text Messages

It continues to be the case that in 80-90% of the month I find it difficult to text message with comfort throughout the day. My texting is mainly done:

1. in the morning when I wake up - from my bed.
2. in the night before going to sleep - again, from my bed.

Why 'from my bed' one may ask? Simply because my arms are alot more relaxed,the elbows are comfortable and in a better position. Compare this with holding a telephone in mid air with arms stretched before the chest.. Not very comfy at all is it?!

It is only out of necessity that I have texted people during the day ie if answering someones' query.

That said; there are the 10-20% times in the month when my texting has been super-duper fine shine.


I seem to be coping better with email and it has been many several months now that my emailing is alot nicely constructed. However, what I find tiresome some times are volumes of emails as I have several accounts. I need to clear away some oldy emails (some from Amazon are still sitting in the Inbox).. but I realise this will happen when I am patient enough to sit at the machine for a long task.

However, saying that.. I owe lots of people emails. The good thing about emailing though - is that it can be saved as a draft and one can return to it later. And that is what i do sometimes.


I am a proud advocate of writing letters. At the moment though I just seem to be receiving them. I have not done much writing with a pen and have adopted the humble pencil for convenience. There are several moments (like right now as I type this) that my fingers start to 'burn' and the joints become painful.

This is very irritating when it happens when I am holding a pen as it makes me want to throw the pen and rest my hands on my lap.


Seems to be the top one which I am in favour for at the moment!
The landline feels a little heavier for me than the mobile fone.

However, the down-sider of telephones for me has been that because my tranquilarty number is so wide-spread (like you can easily get hold of it by doing a search on Google).. I do get calls from people regards arts queries.. and some people don't have good telephone manners.


I have just started the 50th week of my sick-leave - yes 5 - 0.. and spent the last few weeks communicating with Personnel, Managers, Occupational health, GP, Benefits Office.. etc

It is worth exploring how a change in health can affect the simplest of things one does. The confidence to do complicated tasks, to organise yourself and to plan correspondence can all be affected.

It feels very strange. Very very strange in fact.

Last year at this time I was working so well and looking forward to launching my Catalogue.
In 2004 around the same time, was launched..
In 2003 we were at Hajj right now..
In 2002 I was working with the teenagers..

Amazing life you are indeed.

You make us change our modes of communication,

To bring us in line with real communication.

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam
Hmm you withheld your number sis :P
And I'm still waiting for the wedding song lists :P
Time for dinner...belly rumbling

1. I withheld my number as I was phoning from my 'private line' .. My mobile number that is online is the number that majority folk have.. ie anyone and everyone.
The private line is my good old Everyday 50 number from back in the days era which I mainly use to make outdoor calls :-)

And as awful as it sounds thats the number that only a selective callers have - soz.. See now I feel all guilty :-/

2. Wedding Songs.. I know - I will get to you in next few days. Soz sugar plum.

3. Hope you were able to digest your meal without any loud burps ;~)

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