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Visual Effect - Beauty

I may aswell continue with McNiffs' work as the book (Art Heals) is really helping me put alot of what I feel about art into a neat view.

There is an oft-recited Hadith (saying of the Prophet):

"God is Beautiful and He loves beauty"

Mcniff speaks about this in the art-work visual artists make. He argues that it is the act of looking at the work which defines what "art medicine" is all about.

I cannot agree any more.

We are taught that to look at the Kabah entails many rewards and blessings. A simple action but one which entails a deeper process of healing for man - as he gazes towards the House with a desire to lose himself in its' entity and give himself into its' refuge.

Looking at art is immensely pleasurable. What more can a soul desire when what one sees is a reminder of the Divine?

This was one of the reasons why I started the work on the concept of The Garden over 18 months ago. I have found that just thinking about this aids me in appreciating an attachment for it, as the place of origin. The meadows are disappearing quick and we are losing sights which reminded us of those celestial moments.

But on canvas, well -

The ability to invoke a sense of harmony, a spirit of peace and a moment of tranquillity helps those 'looking' to attain some form of equilibrium in their lives. For essentially it is not the art-work but the Message itself which causes the spirit to excite in Remembrance.

That is why I chose for the website, the motto:

"Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find tranquillity"

The Quran - Chapter 13, Verse 28

Asalaamu Alaykum,

I just want to say what an inspiration reading your blog for the last 20 minutes has been.

Ma'shAllah your art is very beautiful (of the bits ive seen) and it reminds me of why I like to do art, to remember Allah.

Ive been very humbled reading many of your posts and the tranquility oozing from this blog is contagious, Alhamdulillah.

Im sorry to hear that you have not been well, and I pray Allah makes it easy for you and purifies you through the experience. I pray he also rewards you for making this wonderer's heart smile :-)


And thanks for stopping-by at Camel-Land :-)


Really? Not at all. the Inspiration is from the Inspirator Alone - not me! Alhamdulila, and ameen may I become worthy of these noble attributes.

You do art? Hold on are you the one who left the comment on the 'Arts Auctions' entry a while back?

What medium do you use?

Any piccys anywhere?


No I don't think that was me who left the comment.

I should say that I more like "dabble" in artistic mediums i.e. im just an amateur who likes to express themselves creatively
I used to paint and draw a lot, I ven took a drawing course once, but the guy teaching it was a bit of a meany

I used to do things with beads recently I've started making cards

Sadly being a student of another dicipline means there's not always much time for that

piccys? oh no not really anywhere


Meany man? Hmmm I know what you mean - some people have skills and expertise onll in their field of knowledge not in the delivery of it! Often most people forget that to know is not the same as to teach others.

Beads hey? May I ask if this is a woman I am conversing with as it makes for a strange encounter indeed finding that a man is making cards and using beads :)


No pictures anywhere - :-/ Never mind InshaAllah feel free to email them or we will see them one day when thee is rich and fomous!

Finally, I know what you mean about time. I studied a non-arty field and re-discovered my art a decade later! Tranquilart is about making time for creativity and it's great to know that you have started on that - in your own little way.


teeheee, Lol, would be kinda funny if a man, dare I say, Muslim man, was making jewellry with beads and cards in his spare time... well I suppose it could happen...

To be fair to the meany art instructor, I've often wondered if it was my self, I've always sort of disappered into the art work, and I think it might have come across as rude or like I didnt think i needed help, sort of closed off...I only realised this recently, but I wonder if that might have affected how he treated me, I remember towards the end of the course we sort of reached "an understanding" i think he felt i'd "opened up a bit more" in the art... i dunno... but it was one of those too late moments and I still thought he was a bit of a meany lol... though just reflecting then made me see it differently...alas I digress

As for being rich and famous HAHA! but ma'shaAllah you seem to be on the road to some fame if not fortune with Tranquilart-I mean that in nice way

InshaAllah if I get the chance and find my camera that;s gone AWOL, i'll try to email some photos to you.


yep - a bloke with beads and a needle - lol ... although some blokes do...

Sometimes we do lock ourselves out of peoples' reach, especially those who are in the capacity of 'teaching' us or facilitating us in some manner. That does happen. Also, those who make us question ourselves and our abilities are sometimes seen as a threat. Although they are not making us do anything wrong - we see them as a threat as they make us look deeper within and pull out hidden treasures that we have stored away, and which we like to forget about.

The road to fame and fortune for Tranquilart? Hmmm.. well - the former: Fame? What does that actually mean? To be known by others? That is so easy to do nowadays.. But to be known by yourself is true fame :-) In regards the latter - no shortage of fortune. It is the collective prayers and wishes everyone has so generously given me that makes me a richer person than in bygone times :o)

Yes it would be nice to get some more details on you - do email me, pictures and a location. There are always opportunities flying around :-/

Wasalam, duas
Bint-eh Adam
xxx (as your a gal!)
beautiful painting MashaAllah.
Thank you Um Ibrahim x x x x

Alhamdulila you have the sight to see beauty :-)
salaam, just want 2 say sister, iv been checking out your site, and i think yr work is amzing, i luv the way you express your feelings through your art wrk mashallah, its beautifull, im an Alevel textiles student, and i also did AS art for a yr, n want 2 say u've givin me alot of inspiraion, so thank u so much, i didnt even kno tranquil art existed, up and till now.
luv shulz
Hey Shulz :-)


Thank you - ALhamdulila. And welcome to Camel-Land :-)

Shulz is a female name right???

I told my friends about your message - gosh they were so touched and moved - just like me! I take it your under 19 if you are doing your A levels - and with that text message-like comment LOL You gave it away all too easy!

InshaAllah, I am here if you need anything I can assist with. I do have friends who are in varying arty fields: printmaking / photography / textiles etc etc

Take it easy mate!

Wasalam, duas
Bint-eh Adam :-)
salam sis, hope ur alrite, yeh shulz is a female name, but its mor of a nickname, iv adopted, hehe, but my real names sheuly, and yes your rite about my age, im 18.
And i might just take u up on tha t offer, if i ever need help on my textiles wrk, i mite just ask 4 your help.
Neway sis take care
Walaikumslam :-)

Shulz, I think you must be the second Sheuly I have come across :-D

Aaah 18? you cutey - I'm over a decade your senior dear ;-)
Yes, if you need any help, advice etc - just bug me here.

Look after yourself and let us know how you progres x x x

Wasalam, duas and love x x x
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