Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Washing the dishes I did!

Daughter of Adam doesn't usually show-off at the washing up she so irregularly does now - but today was a different day!


I say it's been an exciting new development in my little world here :-)

I'm currently enjoying the blissful days of "non-pain" as I complete a third day without wearing bandages for support. Such periods frequent me every other month. And I take great advantage of them.

I managed to wash more than 5 items from the kitchen in one go! My usual would be a cup, plate, spoon and possibly a knife..but I coped with the full kitchen sink earlier today! With the sunshine on my side and my bright zesty green outfit - I was in celebration mode!

I feel in awe at how every time I am blessed with these few days I totally forget the sensation of pain. It's almost as if there was no pain to start off with.

I think to myself: perhaps this is a reminder to me that essentially God is the One who gives and removes such circumstances. Perhaps it is a glimpse into the Power of the Greater Force which is present all the time; but just not noticeable by many of us?

I can't deny that it is a blessing and an insight indeed about Who is the Real Owner of all. It's a great gift from God Almighty - especially after having a migraine attack over the weekend which took over 24 hours to get my system back into harmony!

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, Duas
Good Night

Bint-eh Adam
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