Thursday, September 15, 2005


Days we'll remember all our lives..

Greetings of Peace,
Salam folks,

Daughter of Adam is not happy.

Today was one of those days that really made me want to scream out in the rain and want to crawl into the nearest hole.

Its two postal items now that I have managed to ‘lose’ in the Royal Mail pipeline – in just 3 weeks.

God Bless Royal Mail.

I rang the hospital, and after being passed between switchboard, appointments and Mr Consultants’ secretary – I was told that although my results of the various tests are ready – I can’t have access to them without My Consultant. So when can I see him?In five weeks is the earliest appointment.

God Bless the NHS.

I mean isn’t it in the best interest of the government to have young, energetic tax-payers out in employment – earning and paying taxes so that this Great country continues to bloom in the world economy? If the policy makers want a healthy workforce they will have to make it easier for people to recover.

Isn’t it only fair for me to be earning lots and lots of dosh so that every time I go out I spend and buy the ‘services’ of the various providers in society; hence keep a lot of people in jobs?

God Bless the Policy-makers.

I decided to go out today to watch a play about multiculturalism called ‘The Prayer Room’ at the Theatre. The last time I spent over an hour outdoors was about four days ago. I was running late and went to the wrong building. No latecomers allowed; so decided to roam round the city whilst my friend finished watching the play.

God Bless Time.

And now I am sitting in a room which looks like it’s been raided by 20 nursery children and a pile of clothes to sort which remind me of the after-effects of Christmas Sales.

God Bless Tiday-away skills.

Amazing I ask: Perhaps this is why the ‘sick’ are rewarded so much?

I don’t know. I just pray I’m worthy of the classification of those ‘near to God’ through this sickness.

I know I'm fortunate and have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and a warm place this cold evening. That's enough to be thankful for. Forget the post, the theatre, the NHS and shopping!

For the time being I’m becoming an Ostrich and hiding away.

Peace & Prayers.
Good Night & God Bless
Bint-eh Adam on a sad day

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