Monday, September 26, 2005


Another day out & a new look too :-)

The Goon that I am - I deleted this out! Soz comments also gone :(

Salam & Peace to all.

I went out today!

Yes, as strange as it sounds, I actually don't go out for more than an hour - for most part of the week. In fact if I tried my best I could count and round-off the number of days I have spent outdoors (for over an hour) every month. And it wouldn't be more than the number of fingers on both hands. For some months I am sure it would be sufficient to count the days on just one hand.

My cousin sisters were round for dinner last night; they told me they could count the days they were IN the house on their hands!

Strange. I could say that not long ago.

What's even strange is my current dress-sense!

I have been told off :-( That I look like a hippy, and someone whose no longer making an effort to look smart. OK so I'm not at work and can't be wearing my neat trousers with long tunics; everything so colour co-ordinated and crease-free (although I did ask myself: in society why do we have to wear ironed clothing? Who decides we iron our clothes? And why can't crease-free fabric be invented? In fact why can't wearing creased clothes be in fashion for once?) Mind you my views are heavily biased as I am not one who supports the iron.

If I had a choice between ironing clothes and cleaning the toilet - I would do the latter!

But even whilst we were at work, the motto was always to dress smart but casual. Not like a power freak! So a big no-no to suits - yuckety yuck! Suits and the like have an impact on peoples' psyche, and it was on this philosophy that myself and co-workers dressed in no-suits!

I think I'm coming towards the 'end' of the non-pain days that God Almighty blessed me with a few days ago: I could feel the coolness of the skin but a fire within it. The sensation of flaming heat coming from my hands - reminds me of the Friend of Allah who was placed into the Flames which went cool for him.

Bak to dress, I asked dad to get the coats dry-cleaned... It's getting cold :-/

Finally - a new look for the blog - and why not!!!

Often when we get used to things the way they are, we start to resent change, and that can put one in a difficult position if suddenly they are confronted with major change. Change is necessary for human growth to take place. It is also necessary for individuals to reflect on what their life priorities are and a time for re-assessing ones' hopes and fears. Without change our lives would 'plateau off' and we would become boring old so and so's!

Besides, these are the Tranquilart colours!

God Bless
Wasalam, love and duas

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam

Assalaamu alaykum! :)
Alhamdulillah for little sisters who do the ironing :P
Nice blog sis :)
Wa salaam :D
Wal ai kum asalam Sugarpie!

Yes I'd gladly accept the offer of a little sister doing the ironing for me! Thanks for your sweet comment too, but who art thou?

How in the world did you reach Camel-land?

You must have travelled long and far to get here :-/


Bint xx
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