Thursday, May 05, 2005



So this is where those four-legged humpy fellas have been hiding out! They left me many weeks ago upon my refusal to see their recommended physician.

I set out InshaAllah by the Grace of God Almighty in a few days to seek them out and ask them to return.

Amazing isn't it? That even in todays' technologically advanced era, man still finds it hard to live by with ease. A heaviness often weighs him down, and we see this commonly when man feels he has reached the peaks of success. The weight, as if were to pull him back onto earth. And isn't that the place where the camels have gone? Since the Sahara is earth... The lovely brown sand serving as a reminder to man that his true destiny resides beneath it not above it.

But as man continues to tread the earth bewildered in a mirage of success, it is only to his hearts' contentment that the voices of the desert call out. For these are the sounds from an oasis in which lies the gem that man would so much like to be the beholder of.

And as I say goodbye to the rushing traffic, the tall buildings which block the stary night-view, and the sounds of my modern machinery - I already sense my heart leaping out in excitement.

God Bless xx

If it weren't for the wide fields of the soul,
there would be no real journey for the wanderer,
for there are no distances between you and Him,
that your travels could overcome,
and no seperation between you and Him
that your arrival could erase.
[sassi's wanderings - My soul is a woman. Annemarie Schimmel]
As-salaamu Alaikum Bint,

Today is Jumah, I missed your text in the morning 'Jumah Mubarak' that you usually send on Friday's.

Hope you had a nice walk.

wslam farah :@)

nice walk?.. yes very pleasant thank you

save that text msg and read it every friday - for bint may be unable to send you another :~)

comes to show how one should cherish the moments they have since time does not guarantee a repetition.

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