Saturday, April 23, 2005


Worldwide celebrations of the Final Prophets' birthdays have been filling streets, mosques and households with cheer, happiness and a time to reflect upon the Impecable Perfection he brought to the world. For surely he was sent as a Mercy to the Universe. Peace & Blessings upon him.
Salaam alaikum Bint!

Izzy Mo here! I e-mailed you but I think you are on hiatus. Please join my group, the Islamic Artists Society at

I work at the Dallas Peace Center here in Dallas TX. The Dallas Peace Center is a multiethnic, interfaith, progressive peace and justice organization that has been operating in Dallas for over 20 years. We are in the process of preparing for an event on Memorial Day, that honors all the lives that have been lost in the Iraq War. The Dallas Peace Center does oppose the illegal occupation of Iraq. The event we are hosting will be a concert with muslim and Iraqi artists, and then we also want to have a silent art auction. The silent art auction is why I am contacting you. I am searching the internet looking for Islamic art and I came upon your site. If you have the ability to I would be interested in seeing if you could donate some of your artwork to benefit the work of the Dallas Peace Center and the Dismantling Racism Team (part of the Dallas Peace Center). I am willing to send you any information you may need to encourage you to donate your art. Please contact me as soon as you can 214-823-7793 or email me at

>>Izzy: I have emailed a reply - hiatus?..yes absolutely!

>>Jamillah: Many thanks for popin by - I shall be emailing you shortly.

* * *

Tranquilart is officially 'Resting' and even if I try to reach for the paintbrush there are so-called friends watching me like hawks who will smack my hands :(

Please do read the thread which is the Update, this will clarify a number of issues...

Many thanks
Bint xx
I am a female fellow artist trained in textile design, wanting to get involved in some work, I paint on a variety of subjetcs not just religion. contact me on

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