Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Who has the real Disability?

Salam, peace and salutations of warmth to all :)

"YES! You are disabled!"

"Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

"You are! Just like me - I cant see 100% from one eye remember??"

"Really :( "

"Yeah man - hey girl - we have a disability which prevents us from performing our duties properly. Thus we need to make ADJUSTMENTS"

"hmmmm ... like what?"

"Like - we CAN do the job BUT our employers need to ENABLE us. You know? Put in measures into place so we can do the job WITH our condition!"




Yes - the biggest disability is ignorance... known in Islamic terminology as Jahaliyah

Ignorance of what?

Tthe blessings of the Lord?
Or His Power?
Or His ability to give and take?

Or of a Day that awaits when we will be accountable?

Sources point to how society should adapt to meet the needs of a 'disabled' individual - but all too often we find that society requires the individual to adapt to meet its needs.

Who made this law?

...and why?

There is also the added element of ASSISTED SUICIDE which has sprung up in our society. The fact that people support such initiatives clearly shows how we are geared towards a certain definition of 'normality' and anything 'different' is looked upon as strange or odd.

Just like the occupational health bloke looked at my blonde-haired friend yesterday and asked "Is this your manager?"

(Would he have said this if she was as brown as me? And as she said: "Gosh, does he really think employers should frog-march their workers to an appointment!"

Lift your senses and take a deep breath - and say THANK YOU GOD!

God Bless - Peace & Prayers

Wasalam, duas
HIII. thank you soo much for your encouragments ALL the time . :-) I am blessed by God; for i have blogspot friends like you. :) hope all is well with you.
helloooooooo :~)

hey no worries girly! We're all here to see each other through ok? im well :)

so wheres my joke of the day huh?

i shall need to drop round your end to give u the latest jaw-breaker :~D

peace xx
how's it goin sweetie?
just remember when you're health's playing up, you're not alone. i mean, why moan aloan when we can moan together?
Salam girlfriend!

Aah thank you! Lets be the moaning duo??

Peace xx
don't know where "aloan" came from. actually i think i do. brain overload. i'm revising. exam wednesday. duas please!


InshaAllah all go well! xx
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