Saturday, April 23, 2005


Whimps of the 21st century...

Salam & Peace

I returned a while ago from the Mosque after listening to a beautiful speech about the Final Prophet of God Almighty.

Whilst there I bumped into a woman.

No ordinary woman.

She recently lost her second child through a genetic condition. I remember the evening I heard about the death of her baby, half an hour later I received a text message from friends to say they had had their first child; a little girl. I couldnt stop crying.

That evening before calling this woman, I recalled the last time I had a conversation with her - it was last year when she phoned in regards an arts enquiry. She had phoned me from the hospice where her child was being cared for, and that is when she told me about her first child who had also died as a toddler.

As I remembered this woman - I came across my meeting with her previous to last years' telephone encounter. It was when this dear woman was pregnant with this same child who died.

My tears overwhelm me as I type this.

Today at the mosque...

This great woman came to me with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She had the most calmest of looks and the most humble of gestures on her face.

She held my hand and after reciting a supplication of prayer, blew on my hand as was the practise of the Prophet and traditionally the people of faith. She looked at me and said that God would heal. I felt like perishing.


We have become whimps.

True & proper.

We have failed to recognise that the only real refuge is to God Almighty.

Nowhere else.

We have forgotton to look at those being tested greater than what we face.

We ignore those pages in the Book of God Almighty where we are taught that no soul has a burden placed on it greater than it could handle.

We fail to read that God Almighty tells us that what we are going through is a process of cleansing.

A process of purification.

A process of self-awareness.

And a self-awareness which teaches us to walk directly in the footsteps of the Prophet through all stages of life. An awareness that gives us an understanding of the magnitude of being isolated from everyone for self reflection.

I am a whimp.

Peace & Prayers.
Almost cried myself.

u did?

shall we call that 'progress' ?

AlhamduLila, Praise be to God.
Yes. Must be some irony for feeling like a whimp when you CAN'T cry.

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