Thursday, April 21, 2005


Dads! We love you!

Salam, Peace & Salutations :)

I've blogged about my mum & dad before ...

I have come across many people in my life whose dads died years ago.. some have mere vague memories of them since they were too young when they died. And I have other friends whose parents are seperated or just 'dont get on'.


This morning dad made me breakfast :) with the sweetest cup of tea (i think he likes heaped spoons of sugar) .

I have been in a lot of pain as of recent (so better keep this blog short) .. and have seen the impact of this on both my parents. Parenting must be an extremely tough task, especially if someone has a child like me :)


But it seems to come so naturally, direct and straight from the heart. Maybe this is what maternal & paternal instincts are?

I don't know - but what I do know is:
As I age, I am using more and more expressions that my parents used. I can hear myself in conversations saying "my mum taught me .."


I'm one of those individuals who did not grow up into a household where prayer was performed daily. Neither where relatives frequented in visits to the Holy Cities. Although my parents did nurture spirituality and taught us about the Greatness of God Almighty from a very young age where we were also taught about The Day of Accounts.

However I was blessed along my life somewhere to be introduced to people who "prayed 5 times a day" and wore a "head-covering". And so the seeds of spirituality that my parents had sewn were nourished and out came a young woman who prayed & covered her head although the very people who planted the seeds of the Loving God did not pray.

Amazing as it sounds - the Hajj was the turning point for both my parents - who now tell ME off for delaying my prayers! Which of course I love.. I stand bemused :)

Like I said to my mum: ".. you get all the reward of any goodness we do - Lucky for some!"


God bless our dads - if mum is the only true friend I have - then dad is the only real guy who can make me feel like the most special person on this earth.


I dont have children.

And even if I did - I doubt I'd ever match the parenting skills of my folk.

May God Almighty bless our parents to be the protective force upon us covering our weaknesses in the footsteps of our Father Adam & Mother Eve (Peace upon them both).


Parenting in Islam

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, duas
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