Thursday, February 03, 2005


Tranquilart or Tranquil Art? Part 1

Asalamalaikum from the depths of my heart and soul :)

Greetings of Peace and Salutations of Tranquillity to all that exists,

As reaches its first birthday, I feel now is the right time for exploring some of the messages this project hopes to impart. The support over the last year has been immense and it is only right that we start to open up an insight into what the Tranquilart philosophy constitutes.

This is part one and gets the ball rolling for us…

I have mentioned before that Tranquilart is a concept; a way of thinking and ultimately acting. It revolves around spiritual notions of returning and finding peace. Both of which, one may argue are open to interpretation and misinterpretation. However, if the Truth is One – then neither are incorrect nor open for alternative analysis. The understanding thus derived must be the One understanding – and that is what the Reality of Tranquilart is.

So what then is the difference, if any, between Tranquilart as a concept and Tranquil Art? Would I be adding confusion by saying that Tranquil Art is the element of ‘acting’ within the concept of Tranquilart? And if this is to be accepted then wouldn’t one wonder whether we have the absence of the first element which makes up Tranquilart i.e. the ‘thinking’ part?

And if we further continue, and accept that there is an absence of this part – then where does the ‘thinking’ come from? Where do we derive the thoughts; philosophy; and underlying ideas? For these things are what makes Tranquilart a wholesome concept.

If man is a thinking being then surely this suggests that he is a contemplative being also.

And why does one contemplate? Why do we insist on meditating and pondering? And what is it that we ponder over?

Is it our past actions, present state or future events?

Or is it simply our life?

Where we are heading and what the consequences will be when we arrive there?

Or the uncertainty of not knowing where one is heading? And the subsequent insecurities that arise as a result?

For surely, these are thoughts that enter our minds and frequently set up an abode within us. It is only with the strengthening of direction and focus in life that these thoughts are put into perspective.

However, if Tranquilart asserts its foundation on revolving around notions of returning and finding peace, then surely these thoughts have already found a direction?

I am not a philosopher, and have never claimed to being one, as I have said elsewhere – these are the words of a dreamer, simply dreaming about reality.

Good Night & God Bless

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, duas

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