Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Essence Of Harmony & Spirituality

Asalamalaikum -

Greetings of peace and salutations of love from the depths of my tranquil heart ;)

It was something that was on my mind for a while and now I have decided to concrete the abstract.

Tranquilart has decided to join partnership with Ulfah Arts.

Ok so what exactly does this mean?

Well, in essence - not much of a difference to those who visit the site or who are looking forward to the 2005 Catalogue. Since it merely shows affiliation to another group; its thoughts, philosophy and work.

So then whats the big deal?

The big deal lies in the messages Ulfah Arts is carrying.

Though the website is still under construction, from Ulfah Arts' promotional material the following can be found:

"Ulfah is the Arabic word for Harmony and is one of the Islamic qualities which forms the basis of Ulfahs' work. Ulfah focuses on what we have in common and harmony includes everyone no matter what faith or culture. Ulfah Arts has identified a need for female only events for all women to enjoy, whether because they have strong cultural beliefs or simply wish to widen their social network. Ulfah acheives this by using existing provision as well as developing new opportunities for women to showcase thier talents."

Ulfah Arts has two types of events:

Harmony Events: eg exhibitions, nature walks, restaurants etc

Spiritual Events: eg nasheeds, divine poetry, drama etc

But what makes Ulfah Arts so appealing to Tranquilart?

The fact that these events take into consideration specific cultural views including:
> No Alcohol
> Prayer times & Facilities
> No males in designated ares - making it a female-only event

Thus the flag that Ulfah Arts is carrying high is to develop female talent and audience.

And it is here, I feel that the Daughter of Adam must say that although I am a human, I am an artist, I am a teacher, I am an organiser - I am still the Daughter of Adam and not the son.

Those who have followed the Tranquilart world, will know that I there was sound reasoning on why BINT (Daughter) had been used in my name. And the reason was to show the High status that God Almighty has given women by naming a whole chapter in the Quran as 'The Women'.

Initiatives such as Ulfah Arts are extremely important in our society and have tapped into the gap that has long-existed in female provision. In essence, as a woman, I think such initiatives will serve to unite women at a level which will help break down barriers and unite women as women.

I am not a feminist except for that I believe God Almighty has created the genders in equity. However, it is not uncommon for women to often feel like a lamb in the midst of wolves in modern society. Furthermore, such efforts bring into focus the need most women feel for doing events and activities in an environment which is void of men.

One of the most damaging things in our modern society has been the breakdown of sisterhood.

And I feel initiatives such as Ulfah Arts will intend to bring upon the surface some of what we have lost in the crowd of modern living somewhere.

Good Night & God Bless

Peace & Prayers

Wasalam, Duas

wa alaikum assalam,

You know what, that sounds mad hyyyyype teaming up with Ulfah Arts. The cause is definitely admirable, and it relates to your goals from what I've read, like when you mentioned Tranquilart revolving around spiritual concepts of returning and finding peace.

good luck insha'Allah :)

Salam Ally,

Hey thanks girlfriend!

Yeah - There is some deep thinking behind Ulfah Arts just as there is behind Tranquilart... but supporting each other means that we are able to learn from one another and work towards attaining harmony or tranquility in our worlds... God Willing!

Ulfah Arts is personal to the founder; Naz - Just as Tranquilart is a personal project that I started. But I think we become public where we merge :)

Wasalam xx
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